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Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience

Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience

Learn about Haloworld (HALO) and how to take part in its IEO on Bitget Launchpad right here!

As virtual reality (VR) technology continues to advance, it opens up exciting new possibilities for how we interact with digital environments. And with this new frontier comes the rise of the "metaverse," a term used to describe a fully immersive virtual world where users can engage in a range of activities and experiences.

Bitget, the world's leading centralized exchange, is at the forefront of this trend with Bitget Launchpad. After a highly successful first IEO of 2023, Bitget Launchpad is set to launch its latest project, Haloworld (HALO), which promises to take the concept of virtual characters to a whole new level.

What is Haloworld (HALO)?

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Source: Haloworld Twitter

Haloworld is a new brand metaverse VR game that is creating a buzz in the virtual reality gaming world. It is an immersive platform that allows users to enter a metaverse by holding Haloworld virtual characters. These characters are not just static images but represent another new life that connects with reality. With its innovative concept and futuristic approach, Haloworld is attracting a lot of attention from gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

The game features a channel of roles, which users can step into and experience the metaverse through the eyes of their Haloworld virtual characters. Each character, in the form of an NFT, opens the wonderworld of Haloworld, where we can interact with other residents and create a better world - from virtual to real life.

How you may ask?

It's a whole new world out there. Imagine being able to step into a virtual world where you can experience the thrill of driving a race car or the adrenaline rush of exploring an underwater cave without ever leaving your living room. The VR technology in Haloworld allows you to do just that. With state-of-the-art graphics and realistic simulations, you'll feel like you're really there.

But that's not all. Their in-game token, HALO, takes your virtual experience to the next level. Not only do you get to experience all the fun and excitement of the virtual world, but you also have the opportunity to earn real-life rewards. By completing tasks and challenges within Haloworld, you can earn tokens that can be exchanged for real-world currency or prizes.

What is HALO Token?

HALO Token (HALO) is the Haloworld utility token. It can be used to access the Haloworld ecosystem, and provide users with the privilege of engaging in various activities such as staking, purchasing commodities, acquiring HALO metaverse tickets, participating in IP operations, and accessing exclusive activities.

With the Buyback-and-burn program, the Haloworld team aims to support the long-term price stability and value growth of HALO Token.

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Bitget Launchpad: Your exclusive access to promising projects

To bridge the gap between promising projects and dedicated investors, Bitget Launchpad came back in early 2023 with more IEOs to make things more exciting for our users. With a successful track record hosting IEOs and over 8 million loyal users, Bitget has helped numerous projects generate significant investor interest.

In March 2022, a mere two months following the launch of Bitget Launchpad, we were proud to announce some remarkable achievements. KYOKO appreciated by an impressive 258.50% increase, while BOT price soared by an astonishing 2899.99%. Subsequently, REVO opened up with a 238.33% increase in the listing. Lately, in February 2023, Bitget Launchpad hosted the IEO of Panda Farm (BBO), which was met with great enthusiasm from investors. The IEO was a huge success, with 1,000,000 BBO tokens selling out quickly due to high demand from eager investors. The price of BBO racked up a 20,000% increase, which signaled the return of the long-anticipated Bitget Launchpad. These achievements exemplify our commitment to providing our investors with opportunities for profitable investment in the rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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As Bitget Launchpad gears up for its upcoming IEO, Haloworld, investors are eagerly anticipating the potential returns. While predicting the exact price increase of HALO tokens is difficult, given the success of previous Bitget Launchpad IEOs, investors can expect a strong performance from this upcoming project. Investors who are looking for exclusive access to promising crypto projects should keep an eye on Bitget Launchpad for future IEO opportunities.

BGB: The key to low-risk DeFi

Known as The Best Performing CEX Token In 2022, BGB fuels the dynamic Bitget ecosystem. BGB holders receive a direct discount on trading fees or have early access to promising IEOs on Bitget Launchpad (which must be vetted by our professionals beforehand) and make a contribution to their future success.

Currently trading at around $0.42, BGB has outperformed several other major exchange tokens in February. Since the previous ATH in 2022, the price of BGB has increased by a factor of 1.9. The market capitalization to exchange transaction volume ratio here provides insight into how frequently a cryptocurrency is being traded relative to its overall value. A ratio of around one or above is generally considered a healthy level of liquidity. These are the key indicators of BGB's growth potential, which further predict a prosperous future.

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Check the analyses of the BGB price trends below

It’s BGB Time To Shine

BGB holding tight to US$0.40

BGB Sail: December 2022 Edition

…and see Why BGB Is Your Bluechip Exchange Token.

Information about HALO IEO on Bitget Launchpad

- Project Name: Haloworld (HALO)

- Total Supply: 500,000,000 HALO

- Total Launchpad Allocation: 2,500,000 HALO

- Total Winning Tickets: 10,000 Tickets

- Each Winning Ticket Contains: 250 HALO

- Sale Price: 1 HALO = $0.02 (price in BGB will be announced 3 hours prior to Token Exchange)

- Entry Method: Hold Gain Lottery Tickets

The important schedule reminder

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How to join Bitget x Haloworld (HALO) Launchpad?

Registration will be available from February 28, 11 AM to March 2, 11 AM (UTC).

Complete your KYC verification and simply hit ‘Register’ on the Launchpad page to be eligible to gain tickets. You don't need to hold any BGBs prior, you may start stacking up BGBs later when you need to exchange tokens.

Step 1: Log in to your Bitget account, or create a new account if you are not a Bitget user yet. Next, select ‘Launchpad’ from the Homepage's menu.

- Via APP

Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience image 5

- Via Website

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Step 2: On the launchpad page, all IEO projects can be seen here. At the moment, Haloworld (HALO) is the ongoing project on Bitget Launchpad. Click on ‘View project’ to see more.

Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience image 7

Step 3: From here, you can join Haloworld (HALO)’s IEO by simply hitting on the ‘Registration’ button.

Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience image 8

Step 4: Your estimated tickets can be viewed on the dashboard.

Stepping Into the Future: Haloworld - A New Era of Metaverse Experience image 9

Please keep in mind that the “Estimated Tickets” number shown during the snapshot period is just for your reference only. Your actual obtained tickets will only be revealed after the snapshot period ends.

Step 5: From March 3, 12 PM (UTC), you can head over to the Launchpad page to check if you hold any winning tickets.

If you hold winning tickets, you can then exchange your BGB for an equal value of HALO between the exchange period from March 3, 12 PM to March 5, 11 AM (UTC) on Bitget Launchpad.

How does Bitget Launchpad calculate your lottery tickets?

To calculate your ticket eligibility, from March 2, 11 AM to March 3, 11 AM (UTC), a snapshot of your spot and futures account will be taken randomly to determine your daily average asset holdings.

Your Holding Amount in Spot Futures accounts



50 ~ 300 USDT

1 ticket

301 ~ 1,000 USDT

2 tickets

1,001 ~ 3,000 USDT

5 tickets

3,001 ~ 10,000 USDT

10 tickets

≥ 10,001 USDT

15 tickets

* Definition of Holding Amount/Snapshot Amount: All equivalent assets of your Spot and Futures account (excluding assets in Earn, Launchpool, Margin, and P2P account).

Secure your Bitget account today and get your lottery tickets for the Haloworld Sales!

Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments are subject to the risk of loss. Nothing contained in this article should be construed as investment advice. Users are strongly advised to do their due diligence and invest at their own risk.