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Introduction to Bitget Referral

Introduction to Bitget Referral

In this article, we will introduce you to the Bitget referral system and discover all the incentives you’ll unlock as a crypto influencer on Bitget.

What is the Bitget Referral program?

Bitget debuted its first-ever Referral Program in April 2022, with rewards in trading bonuses. The principle is simple: the Bitget referral program is a bonus system that aims to reward those who invite their friends to join Bitget and trade cryptos on the platform. The more referrals (invited users) are active, the greater the rewards for the referrer (the inviting user).


The Bitget referral system is based on flexible conditions and a very simple mechanism. The rewarding mechanism is transparent, and there are no nasty surprises. However, it is imperative that the referrer tell the referred person how to use the referral link or ID when opening a Bitget account.


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Where to find the referral link?

Hover your cursor on the 9-patch icon at the top left corner, then click on "Referral Program":

Introduction to Bitget Referral image 0


Introduction to Bitget Referral image 1


You will then be directed to a webpage with your personal referral code and link. 

What is the Bitget Referral Code?

The Bitget Referral ID or code is a unique code like this one: E680C4KH. It is with this referral code that you can join Bitget as one of our referrals. And if you decide to become a referral yourself, it is through your own Referral Code that you will be able to invite your friends to join Bitget. The Referral Code is unique to each Bitget referrer but can be used to invite an unlimited number of users.

How does the Bitget referral program work?

The Bitget referral program rewards referrers based on the number of active users registered via their referral codes/links.

For each new user registered via your referral code/link, you will get a one-time reward once they finish their KYCs, make their first deposit, and their trading volume exceeds a certain threshold. You will be rewarded again when their trading volume exceeds another threshold. Please refer to this page for detailed information.

Why participate in the Bitget Referral program?

- Earn money as a referrer for your friends' trading practices.

- A zero-cost business: you own your business and can work for yourself and get the profit by yourself, with no limitations.

- Attractive and stable income: it is definitely possible to make thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month for those who do it well, some referrers even can earn $20,000 per month.

- Freedom of working hours and locations: the working time and location can be arranged by yourself, at any time, anywhere, and you can easily make money as long as you have a device with Internet access.

- Great simplicity: invite a friend to join Bitget with a simple link or referral code.

The Bitget referral program is one of the best and most generous referral programs today. 

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