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Five Advantages of Spot Trading on Bitget

Five Advantages of Spot Trading on Bitget

Among the innumerable spot exchanges on the crypto market, Bitget stands out and continues to grow despite volatile economic conditions. Maintaining a 4.7 rating on App Store and a 4.9 rating on Google Play is no easy feat, but that happens thanks to the five core advantages of Bitget spot trading. Let's find out what they are.

Zero-Fee Spot Trading

Bitget currently offers 0% spot trading fees applied to all spot trading pairings on the platform for all users worldwide. This zero-fee policy is designed to help devoted customers and newcomers alike in trading during unfavorable market conditions. Bitget is one of the few major exchanges that offer zero spot trading fees and we can be proud to claim that we offer the best service overall for spot trading, considering 0% trading fees.

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Diversity of Trading Pairs

Bitget supports more than 250 pairs for spot trading, from popular pairs such as BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, and LINKBTC to those from new projects such as HOOKUSDT and GEARUSDT. Traders and investors of all kinds can choose any pair up to their risk appetites and personal preferences. We are always on the relentless hunt for quality projects to provide users with early access to tokens that will be listed on other major exchanges, so that Bitget's users can be the early birds that get the fattest worms. The sky is your limit.

Sophisticated and Efficient Listing Process

Even though Bitget offers hundreds of tokens and coins from diverse projects, all of them have to go through rigorous inspection procedures and sophisticated yet efficient listing process to make sure that the projects are legitimate, they are listed early for the benefits of Bitget users, and there is the most unlikely possibility of unfortunate incidents (i.e., rug pull) on the part of the projects. If you know or are a part of a project that you deem of high quality and worth knowing about, you can apply for listing on Bitget at this link. Moreover, you can vote for the projects you love and support so they can be listed on Bitget. If the projects you vote for are successfully listed, you may receive exclusive airdrops as rewards.

Top-Notch Security

With Bitget, the sky is your limit, while a system of safety nets are secured in place to catch you in the hapless moments.

To protect user's funds at the most fundamental level, Bitget obtains operational license from different authorities and adheres to local regulations for uninterrupted operations across the globe. Users have to undergo AML/KYC before being able to use the exchange and are advised to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security. Furthermore, 100% of user's assets are kept in reserves and all details pertaining to the reserves are transparent on our website. The reserves ensure that all funds are protected and users can withdraw all of their funds anytime with no difficulty. A host of other security measures are validated by giants in security tech such as HEAP, Armors, Suntwin Technology, and Qingsong Cloud Security. This thorough and holistic risk mitigation system earns the top 10 Exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating from Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) and 12 A+ Ratings from SSL Labs.

We understand that a reliable exchange does not only mitigate risks with various measures and prevent bad incidents from happening in the first place, but also has a system in place to deal with the unexpected. That's the reason why Bitget establishes a $300-million Protection Fund and an Insurance Fund to safeguard user's assets on different levels.

Ever-Evolving to Adapt to Changing Market Trends

The crypto market is changing non-stop and it is essential that a top exchange like Bitget have to be constantly updated and evolving to adapt to the requirements of the market and of users. Indeed, apart from the relentless search for new, innovative, and highly-potential projects, we launched many campaigns for spot traders in 2022 like zero fee for both makers and takers, $5000 rewards for new users, discounts on purchasing major tokens, and trading competitions. The benefits of these campaigns are manifold: making spot trading easier for everyone during ill-disposed market conditions, increasing liquidity for trading (which ultimately is for the better of traders and investors), and rewarding those who actively take part in spreading decentralized finance. We also released MegaSwap, a proprietary DEX of Bitget, in 2022, combining the best of CEX and DEX worlds, and massively expanding the possibilities of what you can do for a better future.

During this uncertain time, we also introduced many new safety and insurance practices to further protect user's assets, some of which have been mentioned earlier in this article.

If you have any questions about Bitget, we are more than happy to support you 24/7 in 15+ languages.

Note: Promotions, fee structures, and other information in this article are of Bitget as of the date of publication and are subject to change in the future depending on the market and economic situations. Please follow our official channels below for the latest updates.

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