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Enjoy the Best of Arbitrum with Bitget’s ARBETF

Enjoy the Best of Arbitrum with Bitget’s ARBETF

Investing is a tricky and taxing business, even more so in the sleepless crypto market. To maximize returns, you have to juggle between different coins and charts to work out an optimal strategy and execute it before the window closes. In the traditional finance sector, investors have a whole arsenal of funds for risk management and portfolio diversification. Now, you can do the same in crypto with Bitget’s latest investment product: ETF Spot.

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Introducing Bitget’s ETF Spot

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are investment funds that offer exposure to several underlying assets in one basket. They are typically designed to track the performance of a given sector or index and may adjust their portfolios from time to time.

At Bitget, we have always made innovation our priority and keep pushing the boundaries beyond crypto. With our ETF Spot product, you can enjoy the same level of exposure and convenience in the crypto world.

All the best assets, in one click

Our ETF Spot comes with several advantages over trading individual coins:

Diversification: It’s always good to spread your investments across different assets, sectors, or investment vehicles. Even if one asset crashes, you’ll still have several others to fall back on. Our meticulously designed ETFs are infused with our ample knowledge and experience in crypto trading so that every investor can be shielded from unsystematic risks.

Transparency: The price of our ETF products are calculated as follows:

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Enjoy the Best of Arbitrum with Bitget’s ARBETF image 1

We will also disclose any future portfolio adjustments we’ve made to keep you in the loop.

Convenience: With one ETF purchase, you’ll get several assets in your portfolio. We will also actively adjust the weight of each underlying asset based on market data and our extensive research so that you don’t have to.

Cost-efficient: Purchasing ETFs is always more cost-efficient since you’re paying a one-time trading fee for a large number of potential purchases. Trading fees do stack rapidly, and hodling onto more BGBs is always a good thing.

A hands-on tutorial

For starters, we offer our hand-selected assets from everyone’s favorite Arbitrum ecosystem with our ARBETF product. ARBETF currently holds 30% ARB, 20% GMX, 20% MAGIC, 15% GNS, and 15% RDNT. We will keep close track of any development in the Arbitrum ecosystem and adjust ARBETF’s portfolio accordingly.

To start trading our ARBETF Spot product, simply click on this link: ARBETF, and buy/sell it as you would any other coin.

Alternatively, you can search for ‘ARBETF’ in our Spot Trading page:

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For our mobile users, please search for ‘ARBETF’ in the ‘Market’ or ‘Spot’ tab, and be ready to enter the wonderful world of Arbitrum with one tap.

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