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Bitget x Tether: The Gateway To Real-World Assets

Bitget x Tether: The Gateway To Real-World Assets

As the crypto industry marches forward, the integration of tokenized real-world assets is inevitable. Tether, the stablecoin powerhouse of crypto, saw the need for more stablecoin varieties, and has been adding new options to lower the entry barriers for investors and traders worldwide. Being the devoted ally, Bitget is delighted to introduce two new stablecoins by Tether, EURT and XAUT, to our thriving 8 million+ user base.

Stablecoins For Multiple Purposes

Up until now, the US-Dollar has been dominating the fiat market and stablecoin peg, with Tether being the most trusted issuer at over 50% USD stablecoin market share. But blockchain technology’s impact isn’t supposed to be limited to a particular group; we are proudly enabling transactions and providing services around the clock on a global scale.

It’s critical to ensure a secure experience that is (a) beginner-friendly, (b) easy to switch between crypto and everyday currencies (hence lower risks) and (c) indigenous to crypto to attract mass appeal. USD-pegged stablecoins came to the rescue, combining the strength of the US-Dollar and the low-risk nature of stablecoins.

Tether is the issuer of the most widely used stablecoin, USDT. Owners of USDT have the right to redeem their tokens for USD, which will then be deposited into their bank account after verification. Similarly, Tether Euro and Tether Gold values are backed 1:1 by the Euro and the physical gold bars of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)’s Good Delivery standard.

For many, USDT and EURT offer the perfect means of settlements; after taking profits from their crypto activities, traders and investors can cash out the returns without any hassle. Arbitrage trading is also popular among investors, while gold-backed stablecoins can act as a convenient inflation hedge as they are divisible (XAUT can be fractionated up to 0.000001 troy fine ounce) and do not require physical storage. On the go it is.

Teaming Up To Lower The Entry Barriers For Users Worldwide

Launched in 2018, Bitget has been home to over 8 million users, 55,000 professional traders and 100,000 influencers from more than 100 countries, who altogether achieve an average of US$10 billion in daily trading volume. That alone guarantees extremely active and liquid markets for our users.

Initially, EURT and XAUT trading will be available on Bitget Spot Trading and Bitget Spot Grid Trading as follows:
• Spot pairs: EURTUSDT and XAUTUSDT

• Spot Grid pairs: EURTUSDT and XAUTUSDT

As for other Bitget Spot Trading pairs, you can enjoy a direct 20% fee reduction if you use BGB to pay for your transactions! Read more on the topic here.

Together, Bitget and Tether are persistently working on bridging the gap between the real world, Web2 and Web3. The listing of Tether Euro and Tether Gold opens up plenty of opportunities for Bitget users. First of all, European Bitgetters can now trade in their domestic currency, so practically the forex volatility between USD and EUR is removed. On-ramp and off-ramp should be easier, obviously, given that Bitget users can choose between our P2P market, our Quick Buy/Express, Credit/Debit card or via Bank Deposit to exchange their assets.

On the contrary, the trading pairs of EURT/USDT and XAUT/USDT should come in handy for anyone seeking haven in market turbulence. Maybe the Euro lost its strength, maybe the Federal Reserve got hawkish again, you are thinking yourself into a recession, or you simply need to diversify your portfolio, tone down your risk a bit - there are various reasons for crypto traders and investors to make good use of these new listings. In addition, trading a familiar asset should appear to be more enticing for crypto novices, thereby pushing us one step closer to mass adoption.

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