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BGB Sail: August Edition

BGB Sail: August Edition

Bitget Academy is delighted to announce the release of our new BGB Sail Series, which reflects on BGB performance each month alongside the market summary.

BGB Sail: July Edition can be found here.

Market Summary

We will take a look at the major cryptocurrencies’ performance in the next part, but August is undoubtedly a gloomy period for crypto in terms of gains and funding. Crypto projects received a total of US$1.8 billion, which is the lowest figure since April 2021.

Ethereum stole Bitcoin’s spotlight in August as The Merge’s official date was announced. However, most U.S. Bitcoin long ETFs saw 17 red days (out of 22 trading days!). Global BTC funds also faced great selling pressure, which led to an outflow of 20,168 BTC from Bitcoin ETPs worldwide.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 0

Source: Arcane Research

It’s worth noting that the majority of on-chain Bitcoin transactions (97-99.9%) since August-September 2020 are transactions with volume of over US$100,000.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 1

Source: IntoTheBlock

And for the first time ever, Ethereum’s futures volume was 11% higher than Bitcoin’s as shown in the following chart:

BGB Sail: August Edition image 2

Source: The Block

The Merge Latest Updates

Ethereum Merge has successfully been completed as of September 15, 2022. Both ETH and ETHW (IOU for the Ethereum fork’s token) saw a significant increase prior to The Merge. Interestingly, price actions after The Merge were not as amazing as expected, even though energy use by the network has declined by 99.95%.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 3

Chart on the left is ETH, chart on the right is ETHW.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Gas fees have, apparently, not been reduced yet. That notion should only be realised after Sharding is implemented (ca. 2023). Therefore, the first NFT minted on the PoS Ethereum network cost its original owner 36.8 ETH (more than US$60,000 at the time). The last NFT on the ‘old’ Ethereum (PoW Ethereum), by contrast, cost 31.5 ETH. Take a look at the monumental pieces:

BGB Sail: August Edition image 4

BGB Performance in August

This August was kind of gloomy, with most major cryptocurrencies showing red, even the highly anticipated ETH (-10.10%). However, BGB achieved a nice rally and turned out to be the only one with a positive MoM growth.

BGB As The Only Winner This Month

Before we dive into the actual numbers, let us remind you of one common investment term. When we talk about return, we are referring to the daily cumulative return. Daily return is simply what you got (profit/loss) at the end of the day, while daily cumulative return reflects the aggregate changes in return. Don’t freak out if you see Bitcoin prices in red (and don’t panic sell!), because it may turn out that your investments are still doing good.

The charts below are self-explanatory, right? Historically speaking, BGB has always been able to resist bearish sentiment better than its peers. Proofs have been collected and interpreted on a frequent basis here:

BGB Sail: July Edition

BGB Sail: June Edition

BGB Sail: May Edition

BGB Sail: August Edition image 5

It’s not all sunshine and roses, because the BGB line didn’t hover above 1 every day. The thing is, yes BGB recorded 13 days with negative changes, but that is way lower than the others: 15 days (BNB), 17 days (FTT), 18 days (ETH, OKB, KCS), and 20 days in the extreme case of Bitcoin. Regarding cumulative returns, BGB holders had to experience only 6 days of net losses compared to BTC holders’ 23 days, ETH holders’ 17 days, BNB holders’ 10 days, FTT holders’ 27 days, OKB holders’ 19 days, and KCS holders’ 18 days.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 6

Benefits of Holding BGB

BGB Token lies at the heart of BGB Ecosystem - a brilliant combination of CEX and DEX elements. Of course, Bitget users will get a direct 20% slash on trading fees, but there is more to expect.

BGB holders can now participate in several lucrative activities, from unique investment opportunities to yield farming - yes yield farming is available on Bitget with the launch of Bitget Launchpool! We offer high APR pools, two for each reward token. Staking BGB always comes with a higher APR than staking the reward token, meaning it’s designed to give BGB Holders more benefits.

For cautious investors, BGB Earn is the right choice. 6% APR is way higher than what you could receive by depositing your funds into TradFi banks, and we are not taking inflation into account here. In this sense, holding BGB is equivalent to insuring yourself.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 7

To explore more about BGB appreciation potential, please refer to the following reads: BGB’s Q1 2022 Performance and BCG Report.

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Spot Futures Activities

Bitget maintained the leader position in the crypto futures market with August’s total volume of US$13.45 trillion in aggregated futures trading activities. For the whole month, there was not a single day that Bitget Futures volume fell below US$109 billion, and the highest 24-hour volume was recorded at US$3.95 trillion on Aug 15, 2022.

BGB Sail: August Edition image 8

In August, Bitget listed several new Fan Tokens under Bitget Fan Tokenzone. Together, Bitget Spot Trading, Bitget Innovation Zone, and Bitget Fan Tokenzone attracted almost US$2 billion in volume for July.

Bitcoin dominance in the Futures market was quite stable throughout the last 31 days, ranging from 64% to 70% of the total Open Interest (OI).

Bitget MegaSwap

Bitget MegaSwap is an advanced DeFi aggregator, meaning that Bitget MegaSwap gathers liquidity from a wide range of trading pools for the best price and lowest fees possible. More blockchains will be introduced in the coming months; however, users can already access more than 5000+ tokens on Ethereum and BNB Chain without having to hold ETH or BNB to pay for gas fees. That’s an effective combination of CEX and DEX’s best features.

Bitget Launchpool

Yes, yield farming has come to Bitget with the launch of Bitget Launchpool!

Bitget releases two staking pools at a time with the same reward token. Staking BGB is the default option (grab your BGB asap to not miss the chance) and comes with a higher APR (of course!), but it’ll work as well if you have the exact token on hand, for example, to earn XRP you can stake BGB or stake XRP, to earn LUNC you can stake BGB or stake LUNC and so on.

New pools are launched consecutively, and there’s a time limit for each two pools! That is to allow BGB Holders to participate in different pools and earn more. Reward tokens are selected carefully; all of them have a strong community and loyal supporters to ensure easy trading later!

Check out Bitget Academy’s guides to Bitget MegaSwap and Bitget Launchpool:

The Essential Guide To Bitget MegaSwap

Introduction to Bitget Launchpool

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