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Whaleportal - Cryptocurrency trading dashboard

Whaleportal - Cryptocurrency trading dashboard

Most traders nowadays are using derivative exchange data for price predictions on Bitcoin. Whaleportal visualizes the most important derivative exchange data on a single page, such as funding rates, open interest, premium index, and many more.

What is Whaleportal?

Whaleportal is a trading dashboard that visualises cryptocurrency derivative exchange data for traders.

Which charts are available at Whaleportal?

The Bitcoin balance on exchanges, funding rates, premium index, taker buy/sell ratio and the open interest. Whaleportal also calculates the average funding rate and gives historic data which makes it possible to compare it to historical price action.

Why traders should go to Whaleportal

Derivative exchange data gives the analyst an extra dimension to their analysis next to regular technical analysis. Ideas formed by technical analysis can be confirmed or invalidated by looking at exchange data like the funding rates or the open interest.

Who founded Whaleportal?

Whaleportal was founded by Jeroen from the YouTube channel The Blockchain Today, As a trader, he knew the importance of using derivative exchange data for technical analysis. He is also one of the first ones to implement funding rates into his analysis.

Why traders should use Bitget?

Bitget is one of the fastest-growing exchanges and is trusted by millions of users. This trust has significantly grown over the past 2 years as they have shown stability in a very shaky environment. The services offered by Bitget are also unique compared to other exchanges, like social trading ( copy trading) on the spot market. This separates Bitget from other major exchanges.

How to use Whaleportal data to trade on Bitget?

There are multiple ways to interpret the data on Whaleportal and we always advise having multiple sources of indications and don’t rely on a single one. That being said, some metrics are pretty straight forward like the funding rates, in a bull market, when the funding turns negative, the price generally trends up. In a bear market when the funding is turning positive, the price of Bitcoin generally declines. We calculate the average funding fee for Bitget on Whaleportal using the Coin-margined and USD-settled contracts.


Derivative exchange data is getting more popular among professional traders and they could not afford to ignore these metrics. Whaleportal simply visualizes these metrics in an easy-readable way providing an extra dimension to regular technical analysis.

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