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Strategy Corner: Take Advantage Of Bitget Spot Copy Trading

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Strategy Corner: Take Advantage Of Bitget Spot Copy Trading

Strategy Corner is where you can find ideas and tips to make the most of Bitget awesome products and this time, we’ll talk about Bitget Spot Copy Trading - the highly popular trading product on Bitget.


Bitget was the first to introduce the Copy Trade function to the crypto market in 2020, and has remained since then Number 1 Copy Trade platform with over 80,000 (Expert) Traders, 380,000 Followers, who, together, have completed more than 100 million transactions.

What’s Copy Trading?

A trader has access to multiple streams of income at once: they create a profitable strategy, sign up to become a trader on Bitget Copy Trade and attract Followers (also known as Copiers). That way they do not only earn big from their winning trades, but are also able to share a portion of their followers’ income, thereby turning it into a win-win situation.

What are Spot Trading Spot Copy Trading

Spot Trading in cryptocurrency is purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies at real-time rates to make a trading profit. With our Spot Copy Trade, users can now subscribe to a professional trader - see their strategies and Spot Trading Pairs and let the system automatically copy all their trades.

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Benefit for Followers

Bitget is a well-known secure platform; we carefully monitor all traders and their transactions. The data is completely transparent, and there are hundreds of professional traders that users can choose to follow. Followers can adjust their capital allocation by withdrawing their profits and ending their losses whenever they want.

Benefits for Traders

Traders of the Bitget platform receive up to 10% of their Copiers’ profits on every successful trade. They also have the opportunity to maximize their profits and build their reputation in the crypto community.

Become a Bitget Trader

When the trader's profit-sharing ratio is adjusted, the expected profit displayed on the copy trade page will also be adjusted accordingly. The adjustment only takes place once a month.

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Easy to Copy Trade:

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Tips for Unlocking Profitable Trading

Follow more than one Trader at the same time

You can follow multiple traders at the same time to maximize your profits. Bitget Spot Copy Trading lets you automatically enter and exit positions whenever the trader you follow does so, which spares the need to keep a close eye on the market. Following more traders and combining many strategies could help you generate higher profits. Simply following elite strategists allows you to enjoy higher returns with fewer obstacles. However this requires more careful monitoring because different traders’ orders may cancel one another out.

Check Traders’ detailed information

A talented trader can maintain consistent earnings in both a bull and a bearish or neutral market. They usually have a clear grasp of their risks and meticulously manage them. Navigate to the tab that shows personal information by clicking on the trader profile photo. This website contains comprehensive information on orders, followers, and other analyses.

Track their records

Bitget strictly reviews all traders listed on a regular basis. Their trading records are visible, and their statistics are transparent and clear. With Bitget’s intuitive copy trading system, followers can easily view the performance of various traders and real-time trading records. Therefore, followers can check their history order and see the price and ROI. Looking at the historical success chart is a quick method to determine this. You may have found a suitable candidate to follow if it is steadily growing.


In conclusion, the Bitget Spot Copy Trading function is definitely a life-saver if used correctly. The most important factor is managing your risk and maintaining diversification. By researching traders, diversifying portfolios, and being patient and disciplined, copiers can achieve their financial goals over time. With these top strategies, you can ensure that the Spot Copy Trading function works to your advantage for building a successful portfolio.

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