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Smart Copy and Diverse Follow: A Dual Approach to Optimized Copy Trading

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Smart Copy and Diverse Follow: A Dual Approach to Optimized Copy Trading

In the fast-paced world of online trading, Bitget introduces an innovative approach to our futures copy trading with two distinct modes: Smart Copy and Diverse Follow Mode. This dual-mode system caters to a wide range of investors, offering flexibility and tailored strategies to suit individual needs and risk preferences.

Smart Copy: Simplifying Trading Through Automation

Smart Copy represents the forefront of automated trading strategies. This advanced copy trading mode bridges the gap between novice investors and elite traders. By automating investment calculations, Smart Copy aligns the investments and risks of followers with those of seasoned traders. This symbiosis ensures that followers proportionally share in both the risks and rewards of elite traders' strategies. The simplicity of this process democratizes trading, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The benefits of Smart Copy:

Automated Calculations: Investment sizes are adjusted in real-time, ensuring followers' investments are always in sync with elite traders' strategies.

Risk Alignment: By mirroring elite traders' risk profiles, followers can benefit from experienced trading tactics while maintaining a level of risk they are comfortable with.

Enhanced Profit Potential: With investments and risks aligned, followers stand to gain significantly from successful trades executed by elite traders.

Diverse Follow Mode: Diversification at Its Best

Diverse Follow, Bitget's classic copy trading mode, offers a distinct advantage in investment diversification. It allows followers to spread their investments across multiple elite traders using a single investment pool. This mode significantly reduces the complexity and funds required when attempting to follow multiple traders independently.

Key features of Diverse Follow Mode include:

Investment Diversity: By following several elite traders simultaneously, investors can diversify their portfolios, spreading risk across different trading strategies.

Flexible Investment Options: Diverse Follow offers two sub-modes - Fixed Amount and Multiplier - giving followers the freedom to choose how they allocate their funds among elite traders.

Reduced Complexity: This mode simplifies the process of following multiple traders, eliminating the need for separate investment pools for each trader.

The Synergy of Two Modes

The coexistence of Smart Copy and Diverse Follow Mode is a strategic move by Bitget. It recognizes the diversity in investors' profiles and their need for different trading approaches. While Smart Copy is ideal for those who prefer a hands-off, automated strategy aligned with elite traders, Diverse Follow suits those who seek to diversify their risks across multiple traders.

This dual approach lowers the entry barrier for novice investors, offering them a choice between a simple, automated strategy and a more diversified, hands-on approach. Investors can now select a mode that best aligns with their risk tolerance and investment strategy, making copy trading a more inclusive and adaptable tool for all.

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Bitget's introduction of Smart Copy alongside the Diverse Follow Mode revolutionizes the concept of copy trading. By catering to different investor needs and risk preferences, these modes enhance the accessibility and efficiency of online trading. Whether you're a novice looking to tap into the expertise of elite traders or an experienced investor seeking diversification, Bitget's dual copy trading modes offer a solution tailored to your trading style and objectives.