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Live Healthier & Wealthier With GoSleep (ZZZ) On Bitget Launchpad

Live Healthier & Wealthier With GoSleep (ZZZ) On Bitget Launchpad

Sleep is a crucial factor that affects human health, stress levels, and productivity in life. GoSleep is an app that helps you earn money while meeting your sleep goals. What is it about, and how to earn $ZZZ via Bitget Launchpad? Read the article to find out.

GoSleep (ZZZ) Project Information

If we don't get enough sleep, it can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. These can include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weakened immune system, increased risk of depression, and weight gain. It can also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. GoSleep is the new solution to help reduce drowsy driving and save lives. It's a token-rewarded and social gaming-driven system to encourage users to build up healthier sleep behavior. The better your sleep matches your goals, the better the rewards.

Get the rest you need with GoSleep and stay safe!

What’s GoSleep?

GoSleep is a Web3 sleep tracking and reward app built on the Arbitrum blockchain. It has secured 2 million USD in funding from various venture capital firms, thereby providing its massive long-term potential.

GoSleep is a revolutionary sleep app that combines the best of Web 2+3 hybrid technology to provide an innovative and unique solution to the market. This app ensures that users get the best sleep possible not only by giving incentives to healthy habits adoption, but also by providing individual recommendations and allowing users to create their best virtual sleeping environment.

This project introduces their user-owned NFT (non-fungible token) for the bedroom. These NFTs are necessary for the journey into GoSleep world, as they represent styles, gaming and socializing activities as well as personal scores.

What’s ZZZ?

GoSleep has created a governance token that rewards users for achieving sleep goals and completing group tasks. The ZZZ token can be used to upgrade NFTs, purchase bedroom and material NFTs, and for staking. This token creates a fair and sustainable ecosystem for all users.

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Source: GoSleep

To join the project on Bitget Launchpad:

- Log-in and click on the Bitget Launchpad button;

- Select the ZZZ project at the top of the page, then deposit get tickets. Live Healthier & Wealthier With GoSleep (ZZZ) On Bitget Launchpad image 1

Sunshine Pool and Win-Win-Win with ZZZ on Bitget Launchpad

Bitget is excited to announce two new ZZZ events: Sunshine and Win-Win-Win, offering exclusive rewards to those who join the project.

On-going Event:

GoSleep (ZZZ) to feature on Bitget Launchpad! Grab a share of the deposit pool and sunshine pool!

Live Healthier & Wealthier With GoSleep (ZZZ) On Bitget Launchpad image 2

Users who received less than one ticket in the Deposit pool can receive up to 200 ZZZ from the Sunshine Pool after the results of the Deposit pool are announced on April 17th at 9 PM (UTC+8). They must have enough BGB to swap to redeem the ZZZ rewards.

Upcoming Event:

Join Win-Win-Win with ZZZ, 2,000,000 $ZZZ and $4,000 in BGB to Grab!

Live Healthier & Wealthier With GoSleep (ZZZ) On Bitget Launchpad image 3

This event offers a variety of ways to win rewards:

- The AMA Quiz offers $100 in BGB to the first 40 participants who answer correctly.

- The New Fans Airdrop offers $1000 in BGB to be shared among 1500 random users who complete all entries.

- The Share to Earn offers $500 in BGB to 500 random participants who refer 10 friends to share the event.

- The Register to Earn offers $2000 in BGB to 1000 newbies who register via Bitget's specific sign-up link and trade any token amount during the event period.

- The Hash to Earn offers $400 in BGB to 1000 random users who retweet the event with #ZZZxBitget.

- Finally, the Launchpad pool to share 2,000,000 ZZZ to those who register and deposit during the deposit period on Bitget.

Go to Bitget Launchpad, click on the ZZZ project to earn $ZZZ

Not yet a Bitgetters? Sign-up and get a $5005 reward!