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Bitget Study Reveals 46% of Millennials Across Major Countries own Cryptocurrencies

Press release
Bitget Study Reveals 46% of Millennials Across Major Countries own Cryptocurrencies

Victoria, Seychelles, April 28th, 2023 — Bitget, a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has released an extensive study on cryptocurrency adoption rates across different generations in major population areas worldwide. Through July 2022 to January 2023, the exchange processed more than 255,000 survey responses from 26 countries including the United States, Japan, China, Nigeria, Germany, Indonesia, and others, with the participants being categorized into four age groups. The study revealed 46% of Millennial respondents said they owned cryptocurrencies, compared to 25% of Gen X-ers, 21% of Gen Z, and just 8% of Baby Boomers. Answers from roughly 10,000 respondents per country were collected and curated with a margin of error of ± 0.1% in a 95% interval.

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Simultaneously, Millennials, Gen X-ers, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers comprised 31%, 23%, 17%, 19% of the surveyed population. Related statistics compiled on attitudes towards the regulation of digital assets indicate that each successive generation is more likely to factor in the attitudes of electoral candidates towards crypto regulation when casting their vote. Only 4% of Baby Boomers found this to be an important issue compared to 36% of Gen Z respondents. Due to decline in population growth growth rates, is likely that the influence of Baby boomers and Gen X-ers will weaken, as by 2030, all Gen Z members will be adults and the spread of blockchain technology by that time could lead to an increase in the percentage of cryptocurrency adopters across all generations. As such, the chances of the growth in acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the coming years are very high.

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“The popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies vary among different age groups. Through this research, we can better understand the needs and preferences of crypto users and it also enables us to deploy relevant plans for widespread adoption of the industry. At Bitget, our mission is to inspire individuals to embrace crypto with simple yet powerful tools. By providing a user-friendly platform for trading and copy trading, as well as conducting extensive research to inform our strategies, we aim to play a key role in the growth of this exciting and innovative industry,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget commented on the research.

The study conducted by Bitget is an invaluable source of information that gives researchers from multiple fields a more comprehensive view of broader aspects related to the adoption of technologies. Moreover, it can act as a bedrock for finding consistencies and connections for crypto-tech companies, government organizations, crypto exchanges, and other companies interested in gaining a competitive edge.

The findings of the research also suggest that by the beginning of the next decade, demographic processes may lead to a dramatic shift towards increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a higher proportion of younger generations continue to exhibit strong demand for crypto, despite the slowdown in population growth.

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