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Bitget Partners with CScalp: The leading trading terminal for scalping crypto

Press release
Bitget Partners with CScalp: The leading trading terminal for scalping crypto

Dear users,

We are proud to announce the partnership with CScalp, the leading trading terminal for scalping crypto. CScalp now provides connectivity to Bitget's futures market, named "Bitget: Futures," enabling traders to engage in perpetual USDT futures trading on the exchange.

What is CScalp? CScalp is a dynamic company specializing in the development of advanced trading solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of traders in the digital asset space. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, CScalp has established itself as a trusted partner for traders seeking to optimize their trading strategies and maximize their returns.

Why Traders Choose CScalp

1. Professional Development Expertise: The CScalp team comprises seasoned professionals who have been at the forefront of stock trading software development since 2009. With years of industry experience under their belt, they possess the knowledge and skill set to create solutions tailored to traders' needs.

2. Free to Use: One of the most enticing aspects of CScalp is its free-to-use model. Traders can download the platform and access all its features without spending a dime. Unlike other platforms that nickel and dime users for additional features, updates, and support, CScalp remains committed to providing a comprehensive trading experience at no cost.

3. High Security Standards: Security is paramount in the world of online trading, and CScalp takes this responsibility seriously. Unlike some platforms that may compromise user data for profit, CScalp adheres to strict security protocols. It does not intercept, parse, or forward sensitive user data. In fact, logins and passwords are stored only on the trader's computer, ensuring maximum privacy and protection.

4. Reliability Simplified: Traders need a platform they can rely on—one that stays ahead of the curve and adapts to changing market conditions seamlessly. CScalp eliminates the hassle of searching for "pirate" versions or worrying about updates. With automatic updates triggered whenever exchanges update their software, CScalp ensures that traders always have access to the latest tools and features. It's a simple and convenient solution for those who demand reliability without compromise.

How to connect Bitget account with CScalp?

If you require any assistance, please reach out to CScalp’s support team:

Join the CScalp Trading Community

Join CScalp’s official trader’s chat. Here you can communicate with other scalpers, find trading soulmates and discuss the market.

Happy Trading!

Bitget Team