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Bot Copy Trading Has Been Upgraded to Help You Trade Even Smarter

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Bot Copy Trading Has Been Upgraded to Help You Trade Even Smarter

Bitget has enhanced its bot copy trading feature to improve user experience and offer more high-quality bots. As one of Bitget's core features, bot copy trading brings together the world's best traders and represents the apex of modern crypto trading. It allows professional traders to showcase their skills and regular users to find their preferred trading bot for a more rewarding journey.

As of the end of 2023, bot copy trading has amassed 7,000+ strategists, 20,000+ bots, nearly 10,000 followers, and 100 million USDT in profits, with the numbers continuously growing. This upgrade optimizes our existing capabilities and represents a significant leap forward in meeting our users' needs more effectively. Major updates include:

Update 1: Minimum Amount is added to the bot tab.


Providing a more intuitive reference for users seeking to purchase a bot. Users can decide whether to purchase or use a bot based on its 7d profit, number of sales, and minimum amount, among others.

Bot Copy Trading Has Been Upgraded to Help You Trade Even Smarter image 0

Update 2: Added Selling Price, Applicable markets, and Bot Info for bot publish.


Providing multi-dimensional insights for users regarding the use scenarios and applicability of a bot, and allowing bot publishers to view their data all in one place. After publishing a bot, the bot publisher can view the details of each subscriber on the Bot Sales Income page, such as Buy Price, Investment, Followers' Profit/ROI and Running Time.

Update 3: The bot info popup was replaced by a dedicated introduction page.


1. Bot info can be displaced in a more comprehensive manner.

2. The total investment and profit are clearly visible.

3. Bot creators are categorized into different zones based on their skills and profit to help investors make informed decisions.

4. Transaction price is displayed. Historical transactions are shown on the candlestick charts to help users gain a more intuitive understanding of the operational mechanism. Also, users can adjust the chart period to view the distribution data with higher granularity.

5. The top 5 bot subscribers by profit will be displayed. Users can also switch it to profit (ROI) rankings.

Bot Copy Trading Has Been Upgraded to Help You Trade Even Smarter image 1

With this upgrade, Bitget has significantly improved its efficiency in publishing bots and provided followers with multi-dimensional references to choose a bot. In the future, Bitget will continue to optimize our features, offering users an even more convenient and enhanced bot copy trading experience.