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B For Decentralization: Participate In The HOLD Airdrop with Bitget & BitKeep

B For Decentralization: Participate In The HOLD Airdrop with Bitget & BitKeep

In early April, Bitget announced its collaboration with BitKeep by introducing one of the most extensive plans for 2023: Power of B, BitKeep Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched. The project powerfully completes our decentralized universe, with BitKeep being renamed to Bitget Wallet. We're honored that our first airdrop plan, KEY, has been supported heartily by all users and distributed to the lucky users' addresses. (Tutorial: How to add and view my “KEY” NFT on BitKeep Wallet.)

As already highlighted, KEY is meant to unlock the new crypto universe. In other words, the KEY airdrop marks the beginning of everything. Why? Every event in the "Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan" series is exclusive to holders of the KEY token - a wonderful way to maintain KEY value as well as the wholeness of our airdrop plan.

This week we'll launch the second NFT airdrop named HOLD. Get in on the first floor, join the Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan, and win more surprising airdrops. It is waiting for you!

Hold the HOLD NFT Airdrop

What’s HOLD?

HOLD is a cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum platform with a supply of 923,453,365. The last known price of HOLD is 0.00914669 USD and has increased by 2.39% in the previous 24 hours (updated on April 14th, 2023, 1:00 AM UTC).

The lending platform provides instant cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral and uses state-of-art technology to protect users from fraud and give the highest industry security standard. You can consider HOLD your on-chain PayPal, but with an extended selection of crypto assets and even better security.

Airdrop Information

The airdrop is only for KEY holders - for users who don't have KEY NFT(s), buy here and congrats, you can now join our event!

Event Time: April 17th 18:00 - April 23rd 18:00 (GMT +8)

Participation Rules:

- To receive HOLD NFT(s), you must have KEY NFT(s) in your BitKeep wallet and maintain a minimum wallet balance of 10 USDT. Here are two possible scenarios:

  1. Users who hold KEY NFT(s) in their BitKeep wallet already: make sure you have more than 10 USDT in the same wallet until the airdrop distribution.

  2. Other KEY holders that aren't BitKeepers: you need to download our BitKeep App and import the wallet holding the KEY NFT, or create a new wallet in BitKeep and transfer the KEY NFT to the new wallet address. Then keep your wallet balance equal or higher to 10 USDT.

- Those who qualify will be eligible for the HOLD NFT airdrop according to their grade. The grade you receive is based on your 7-day average holdings from April 17th to April 23rd, with the top 10% of users acquiring Diamond-level NFTs, 10% - 30% receiving Gold-level NFTs, 30% - 50% receiving Silver-level NFTs, and after 50% will get Bronze-level NFT.

Don't miss this chance to get an exciting HOLD NFT!

Bitget Is Expanding Our Decentralized Universe

Bitget is a revolutionary platform that connects users to a decentralized universe, allowing anyone to access and trade the world's leading digital assets. With Bitget, users can access a wide range of financial products and services, all in one place.

Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers:

Bitget Launchpad - where we handpick the brightest projects for you;

Bitget Innovation Zone - where you can discover the latest innovative assets on the platform;

Bitget Mega Swap - our decentralized trading feature that aims to improve the user trading experience further and to meet users' various DeFi needs;

Bitget Launchpool - a free platform for users to stake and farm popular or newly listed tokens;

and Bitget Wallet (BitKeep) - the world's leading one-stop transaction encryption wallet.

The rebranding of BitKeep is the perfect piece for Bitget to expand the decentralized universe and provide more decentralized and secure services to its customers.

Join and Win a HOLD airdrop with your KEY!

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