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Top 10 Most Influential Canadian KOLs in Web3

Top 10 Most Influential Canadian KOLs in Web3

O Canada, the birthplace of politeness, maple syrup, and some of the most influential people in Web3! Park your moose and grab a double-double, it’s time to explore the Top 10 Most Influential Canadian KOLs in Web3.

Of course, it would be un-Canadian to rank fellow northerners, this list is in no particular order and spans across industry and expertise.

  1. Farokh

  2. Trader Mayne

  3. Virtual Bacon

  4. Russell Matthews

  5. Crypto Gorilla

  6. T3tra

  7. Michaela Lallouz

  8. Jyothee

  9. Aleco

  10. The Mango Way


Based in Montreal, Canada, Farokh Sarmad is the foundoor of Rug Radio, the first fully decentralized media platform. Working with 100’s of projects and companies to help amplify their messaging, Rug Radio has quickly become known as the first Web3 media empire. If you haven’t yet tuned into the memorable Twitter Spaces, it’s about time for you to roll out the Persian rug and let your ears do all the work as you enjoy insights, laughs, and overall promising outlook on the future of Web3. Following the recent merger with next-generation media outlet Decrypt, promising news is expected from Farokh and the Rug Radio team. Farokh has become a household name across crypto, particularly in North America. Rumor has it his hair is his secret to his success.

Trader Mayne

Trader Mayne is a British Columbia based trader known for providing insightful updates on the crypto and fx markets. Trader Mayne provides clutter free feed of charts via Telegram Group to make it easier for traders to get reliable info, and has recently launched Breakout Prop, an evaluation-based prop firm that allows users to trade global markets. Trader Mayne has partnerships with exchanges including Bitget, the largest global spot trading platform!

Virtual Bacon

Dennis a.k.a. VirtualBacon is a Canadian Crypto educator and investor with over 100 companies in his portfolio. VirtualBacon shares well sought-out views on market trends and investing strategy for Crypto. Known for sharing alpha, trade setups, and key insights primarily through his YouTube channel and Discord, VirtualBacon is one of the most well known and consistent Crypto Millionaires in the space.

Russell Matthews

Russell Matthews is a prominent Canadian YouTuber who creates Canada-centric content around News, Politics, Personal Finance, Real Estate and Crypto. Consistent uploads cover all types of Canadian focused news and macroeconomics, as well as Canadian social, fiscal, and monetary policy. Sharing personal successes, mistakes, and overall experience makes Russell Matthews’ voice consistently authentic.

Crypto Gorilla ;

Source for Web3 news, research and entertainment, Crypto Gorilla consistently covers the ever-evolving NFT landscape. Based in Canada, Gorilla’s content spans NFTs, gaming, and crypto, giving audiences the inside scoop on new trends and projects. Gorilla’s partnership with Seedify brings reliable intel on new projects, particularly in gaming, making him one of Canada’s most notable KOLs currently in Web3.


Building the future of mixed reality, T3tra is the Artist and CEO of OD Labs and ODTO. OD Labs is an XR Tech Company based in Toronto, and is redefining wearable art and digital collectibles. Recently launched F.N.I.C. i.e. Founder’s Neural Interface Card, T3tra heroes uniquely creative perspectives that merge universal truths with art and new technologies. Always a pleasure to see what T3tra and OD is working on next, we’re left looking for clues and eyeing for numerological alignments to see what comes next!

Michaela Lallouz

Michaela Lallouz, a.k.a. Mika, is a reputable Twitter Space Host, Rug Radio Content Creator, Advisor, and CCO at XR Tech Company OD Labs. Mika is known as “That WEB3 girl”, bringing authenticity and positive energy across crypto Twitter. Mika’s content and voice speaks to masses, resonating with tech and non-tech audiences in ways that translate. Put simply, Mika just gets it, and should be added asap to any and all Web3 KOL watchlists.

Jyothee ;

Jyothee Murali is a painter and NFT artist based in Toronto with an incredible style that has made her known as a reputable artist in the space. Her launch of SPIRIT GATES, the first-ever manga comic book by JYXDI, showcases her talent and further solidifies her as an artistic force. Representing women in web3 and volunteering for the Organization of Canadian Tamils with Disabilities are just a few examples of how Jyothee brings love through art.


Artist and Designer, Aleco focuses on Styling Next Gen 3D Art and Utility with Stoners, a Solana NFT project, and is a known Creator at RTFKT. Aleco’s work as a Freelance Art Director and active Twitter Content Creator amasses him a notable spot within Canada’s top KOLs in Web3. Sharing genuine content about his experiences in Web3 brings refreshing truth and has fostered a strong community across socials.

The Mango Way

Keepin' Crypto trading fundamentals easy, breezy stress-free, The Mango Way is an educational YouTube channel. Consistent uploads and content make this account one to watch. Created by the team at Mango Research that hosts educational courses, trading indicators, articles, and resources. The Mango team Shawn and Krisha are dedicated to creating a community to learn together, trade together, and kick-back together.

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