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Bitget Internal AMA with PUMLx

Bitget Internal AMA with PUMLx

Hello everyone! I'm Lyn, the host of AMA today. I am also the Operation Manager of Bitget English Telegram Community.

To better encourage and guide you guys to participate in the PUMLx Listing Campaign, here we are holding an AMA in the Bitget English Telegram Community.

Q: Hello Damien! Would you like to introduce yourself to us first?

A: Hi Everyone, I’m the Founder and CEO of PUML Better Health. My background in software engineering and startups. I’ve founded and exited Web2 startups and I got into Bitcoin mining in 2012. I’ve got a love for health, fitness, wellness and sports and believe everyone should be rewarded for being healthy and active. They should also own their own assets which includes their own health data.

Q1: What has PUML achieved to date?

A1: PUML Better Health is one of the OGs of Move to Earn, from Brisbane Australia. It has established itself as a key player in the Web3 space with its Business to Busness model since 2021, incentivising healthy behaviors through Corporate Wellness first then adding Brands and Athletes.

PUML has worked with some of the biggest organisations in Australia and around the world, from Deloitte to LVMH and beyond. We have successfully developed the world's first Move to Earn for Corporate Wellness platform that uses Crypto to reward healthy behaviours and activity.

The team has been devoted to the progression of the "Move-to-Earn" space as much as the PUML ecosystem itself. At its core, PUML is the culmination of multiple people's ideas, passions, beliefs and knowledge.


Q2: What is included as part of the PUML ecosystem?

A2: Never DM Damien - PUMLx -, [30 Nov 2022 at 21:10:46]:

Firstly we have a Web2 - Web3 friendly move to earn a mobile app that aims to onboard and educate non-crypto native consumers and at the same time allow daily claim rewards.

The app is made up of challenges such as Step and meditation, you connect your wearable device like Apple Health and start earning daily rewards

We have also added Athlete NFTs" that will help to foster new relationships with Athlete's and build their net worth/fanbase. These are used for gated challenges rewards, loots and drops.

WearX NFTs have also been added as part of our daily claim feature that further gamify our app experience and make the PUML ecosystem

Finally we are in the process of finishing our Athlete Marketplace and a robust staking model that aims to reward PUMLx ecosystem participants for the next half decade (at minimum)

Q3: What are the key features and products?

The Key features are Health and Wellness challenges and daily claim rewards.
Dual Token Model encompassing a valueless, infinite supply, in-game only coin (PUML) and a high utility, tradeable, finite supply coin (PUMLx). This allows PUML to operate within the US, providing a large potential user base on both B2B (PUML Corporate Offering which has seen over $500K in real revenue in the last 12 months) and B2C (individual users).

PUML allows crypto native users to earn rewards using Move to Earn principles. Users are not required to own an NFT or PUMLx tokens to start earning.

PUML WearX NFTs to launch soon and provide additional gamification mechanics.

Multi - Revenue Model (Primary Secondary NFT Sales + Corporate facing API keys).

Longer term challenges designed to actively incentivise long-term exercise and app usage.

PUML seamlessly connects to all major wearables (Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc), allowing accurate tracking of health data.

All integrations are native connections and PUML can gamify rich health data such as steps, heart rate, calories and more.

Distributed Digital Health Record to protect user data.

Users can earn PUML by completing a range of challenges including: Steps, Meditation, Sleep, etc and then burn those in-game tokens for the Web3 native coin, PUMLx.

Gamified Challenge Engine built on Ethereum and Polygon.

Q4: How will PUML ensure that this model is sustainable?

A4: Move-to-Earn as a whole has been historically tough to sustain for longer periods of time:

Rewards can dwindle too quickly if not emitted sustainably

Revenue needs to be consistent in order to maintain the ecosystem

User acquisition ideally should remain relatively consistent with high percentage user retention

In order to deliver on a sustainable project, we have developed a unique tokenomic model that is based on Corporate Revenue, Brand Revenue, Athlete + WearX NFT revenue and Movement Finance API Revenue. This ensures our platform can continue to build as we grow into a mass market product.

Q5: What are PUML's next steps and long-term goals?

A5: We hope to be the intersection between Web2 fitness sports and Web3 gamification. PUMLs ecosystem has been built to lead the charge of onboarding new users into the Web3 world while helping them build healthy habits and smash their long-term exercise goals. We are looking for community members that have a passion for health, fitness, wellness and sports. Please join us if that sounds like you.

Thank you guys for being here. Have a nice day!