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SOLS Token: Pioneering a New Era of Solana

SOLS Token: Pioneering a New Era of Solana

What is sols (SOLS)?

Sols (SOLS) is a token released under the SPL-20 standard. Taking inspiration from Bitcoin's BRC-20 standard, Solana Program Library-20 (SPL-20) inscriptions are unique Solana addresses that contain images or metadata stored directly on the blockchain. This token standard streamlines token creation and functionality within the network. SPL-20 enhances interoperability, simplifying token development and fostering a robust DeFi ecosystem.

How do sols (SOLS) and SPL-20 tokens work?

As one of the first SPL-20 tokens that spearheaded this groundbreaking standard, SOLS does everything a SPL-20 token can. This standard opens doors to diverse tokenized assets and use cases.
One innovative aspect of these tokens is their mutability. Contrary to the immutable nature of typical NFTs, SPL-20 tokens can be altered, allowing for dynamic changes like native trait swapping or implementing day/night cycles in gaming NFTs. This flexibility opens up new avenues for use cases in the digital art and gaming sectors. Another important aspect is their ranking system, which is based on the order of their creation, similar to Bitcoin Ordinals. This method creates a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), encouraging users to engage in the inscription process early. To inscribe an SPL-20 token, a user must possess update authority, which is usually bestowed upon the NFT's creator. This requirement ensures that control over the inscription process remains with the project owners, preventing unauthorized alterations to the inscribed image. However, the introduction of SPL-20 tokens is not without its challenges. Storing large files directly on the Solana blockchain can lead to issues like increased bandwidth requirements for validators and higher costs for infrastructure providers. Critics argue that given Solana's robust native capabilities for handling complex NFT transactions and storage, the addition of SPL-20 tokens might be unnecessary. They point out that, unlike Bitcoin, which needs BRC-20s due to its limited scripting capabilities, Solana can efficiently manage NFTs without requiring an additional layer like SPL-20. Despite these challenges, the innovation and possibilities brought forth by SPL-20 inscriptions are shaping a new future for digital art on Solana, offering a vision of secure, permanent, and fully integrated digital artworks within the blockchain network.

SOLS goes live on Bitget

SOLS and SPL-20 tokens are powered by LibrePlex, a collaborative effort of independent contributors and teams within the Solana ecosystem. They believe that the dynamic rendering and on-chain media support of SPL-20 tokens offer a more enriched and interactive digital art experience compared to existing solutions. Their commitment extends to maintaining an open-source framework and a policy of zero mint tax, making the platform more accessible for NFT creation and trade.
SOLS (SOLS) will be listed on Bitget and is now open for deposit.

How to trade SOLS on Bitget

Step 1: Go to the SOLSUSDT spot trading page
Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.
For detailed instructions on how to trade spot in Bitget, please read The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading .
SOLS, along with other SPL-20 tokens, represent a new innovation in the blockchain space and are distinct entities on the Solana network, known for their unique approach to storing digital art directly on the blockchain. Unlike traditional NFTs that often rely on third-party services like Arweave for image storage, SPL-20 tokens embody a novel concept where each image is given a unique Solana address. This method ensures that the images are not just mere links but integral parts of the blockchain itself.
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