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Ready to Fight (RTF): Revolutionizing Professional Fighting with Web3 Technology

Ready to Fight (RTF): Revolutionizing Professional Fighting with Web3 Technology

2024-04-24 | 5m

What is Ready to Fight (RTF)?

Ready to Fight (RTF) is a comprehensive Web3 ecosystem designed to empower fighters, connect enthusiasts, and streamline the entire boxing experience. RTF aims to provide a gateway for fighters and teams, offering resources essential for training, career development, and personal branding. But it doesn't stop there. RTF also seeks to create an integrated social ecosystem, fostering meaningful interactions among fans, fighters, coaches, promoters, and other stakeholders. Moreover, RTF leverages advanced blockchain technology to automate key industry processes, enhancing efficiency and accessibility while ensuring transparency and trust.

How Ready to Fight (RTF) Works

Ready to Fight offers various services:

Community Engagement

RTF provides a variety of community engagement tools, including a news portal delivering up-to-date insights, a boxing social network for enthusiasts to connect and share knowledge, and a global boxer data platform with a unique rating system based on professional achievements. Additionally, RTF introduces Subring, a fight-centric SocialFi platform enabling fans to support their favorite fighters digitally.

Career and Skill Development

For fighters looking to enhance their skills, RTF provides a job wall connecting professionals with career opportunities, an online training camp offering virtual coaching and comprehensive training, and RTF EasyFind streamlining the organization of training camps. Moreover, RTF AI AGENT serves as a virtual assistant that delivers tailored support and insights to optimize user experience.

Financial Services and Trading

RTF ensures smooth financial transactions within and beyond the ecosystem through RTF WALLET, a secure storage for cryptocurrencies. There is also RTF SWAP, a decentralized exchange for trading crypto assets, and RTF Payment System for cross-border payments. RTF TOKEN, the platform's native token, is the backbone of Ready to Fight, and it facilitates fast and secure settlements.

Commerce and Merchandising

Through its marketplace, RTF offers quality boxing gear and exclusive sportswear, while RTF Digital Art enables the digitization of exclusive content into NFT assets, opening new avenues for athlete monetization.

Health and Safety

Safety is paramount in the fighting industry, and RTF addresses this through RTF Itrust, which specializes in sports insurance covering costs related to accidents and injuries.

Event Management

RTF manages large-scale boxing events, blending live experiences with digital reach, and provides a global platform for easy ticket purchases.

Gaming and Cyber Sports

For gaming enthusiasts, RTF Games Centre offers a marketplace for sports-themed games to provide interactive gaming experiences within the platform.

RTF Ads Promo

RTF provides targeted marketing solutions through its advertising platform and offers an integrated suite of tools for diverse marketing campaigns aimed at stimulating user activity.

Charitable Initiatives

Reflecting its commitment to social responsibility, RTF operates the Social Boxing Foundation, allocating a portion of platform revenue to support the boxing community and related social initiatives.

RTF Chain

RTF also develops its proprietary blockchain, RTF Chain, which is designed to serve as a Web3 infrastructure for the sports and entertainment sectors.

RTF Goes Live on Bitget

Ready to Fight stands out as the first SocialFi application created specifically for the massive $10 billion boxing industry. Led by Oleksandr Usyk and supported by the World Boxing Council, the platform operates in close partnership with Riyadh Season and the Saudi Arabia Boxing Federation.

Considering the visions and extensive support of Ready to Fight, there is no better way to get a head start in the exciting intersection of sports and technology than to trade RTF token on Bitget

How to Trade RTF on Bitget

Listing time: April 24, 2024

Step 1: Go to RTFUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell

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