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Pixelverse (PIXFI): The Cyberpunk Game Changing the Face of Crypto Gaming

Pixelverse (PIXFI): The Cyberpunk Game Changing the Face of Crypto Gaming

2024-06-25 | 5m

What is Pixelverse (PIXFI)?

Pixelverse (PIXFI) is a cyberpunk-themed game that can be accessible directly through a web browser or the Telegram messaging app. Players can explore this immersive world, engage in both player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) battles, and customize their own robots.

Who Created Pixelverse (PIXFI)?

Pixelverse is the brainchild of a talented team of developers and entrepreneurs with a rich background in blockchain technology and gaming. The team includes former members from major projects like Binance Listing, Binance NFT, Trust Wallet, Zerion, Step App, and Cross The Ages. Leading the team are:

● Kirill (CEO): A serial entrepreneur known for founding Step App, which merges fitness with blockchain technology.

● Mamad (CMO): A successful marketer and strategist, recognized for his role as Chief Strategy Officer at Cross The Ages, a leading Web3 trading card game.

● KORI (COO): An entrepreneur specializing in business development and go-to-market strategies for cryptocurrency projects, who previously launched the Binance NFT platform and led business development at Trust Wallet.

What VCs Back Pixelverse (PIXFI)?

Pixelverse has attracted significant attention from venture capitalists, raising $5.5 million in funding. This financial boost came from a variety of esteemed investors, including Delphi Ventures, Merit Circle, Former Nexon CEO Joonmo (James) Kwon (who now runs Delabs Games), Bitscale Capital, Ghaf Capital, Big Brain Holdings, LiquidX, Foresight Ventures, The Sandbox founder Sébastien Borget, etc.

This strong financial backing highlights the confidence investors have in Pixelverse’s potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape.

How Pixelverse (PIXFI) Works

How to Play

Pixelverse is highly accessible. You can play the game on your web browser or the Telegram app. The game revolves around earning rewards through various in-game activities, which include:

Clicking to Claim Rewards: Start by clicking the “Golden Coin” or the claiming button. Your full reward is available eight hours after your last claim, with higher bot levels yielding higher rewards.

Engaging Battles: Pixelverse offers two main types of battles:

PvE Battles: Progress through challenging encounters against the game’s environment. Each victory earns you valuable items and experience, helping you to improve your skills and strategy.

PvP Arena Battles: These high-stakes battles allow you to compete against other players in real-time. The “Risk to Earn” model means that winners claim all pooled tokens, making each battle both thrilling and rewarding.

Quest System: Daily quests are a core part of Pixelverse. By completing these quests, players gather resources, gain deeper integration into the game’s lore, and earn greater rewards. Each quest is designed to challenge players and enhance their understanding of the Pixelverse world.

Crafting Robots: One of the most exciting features of Pixelverse is the ability to craft and customize robots. In the bot workshop, you can:

Design and Craft Bots: Use components to create unique robots with exceptional aesthetics and rare abilities.

Upgrade Bots: Enhance your robots to make them more powerful in battles, generating more passive income and increasing your chances of winning.

Trade bots: Exchange your creations on the marketplace or deploy them in battles to dominate the arena.

How to Earn More Rewards

Pixelverse offers several ways to maximize your rewards:

Referral Program: Invite friends to join Pixelverse using your referral link. You earn bonuses and commissions based on their activity. For example, if your referral has a premium Telegram account, you’ll receive a bonus of 10,000 Coins, and 5% commission of all your referral’s Coins, along with an extra 1% of the Coins earned by your referral's referrals in the first three days.

Upgrading Bots: Stronger bots earn more Coins per claim and perform better in battles.

Completing Daily Tasks: Visit the task center to find various challenges that reward you for activities like inviting friends or engaging with social media posts.


The PIXFI token is crucial to Pixelverse's economy by enabling players to buy and sell bots and cosmetic items in the marketplace. A portion of these tokens is burned with each transaction, reducing the total supply and supporting the token's value. This deflationary approach ensures a stable and balanced economy.

PIXFI tokens are also used in crafting and breeding bots, with tokens burned during these processes to maintain economic health.

Additionally, the 'Risk to Earn' model allows players to stake tokens in arena battles, where winners claim the entire token pool, adding a competitive and rewarding dimension to the game.

After the listing of the Pixelverse token $PIXFI, players can look forward to several new opportunities:

● Staking Program: Players will be able to lock their tokens for a period to generate interest, creating an additional revenue stream.

● Pixelchain Launch: Set for summer, Pixelchain will enhance decentralization and profit sharing. This new blockchain will secure transactions, enable fast and affordable $PIXFI transfers, and allow players to sell their bots as NFTs.

● Product Updates and Game Development: The Pixelverse team is committed to continuous improvements and updates, ensuring the game evolves with its community and remains highly enjoyable.

Pixelverse Growth and Popularity

Pixelverse has seen explosive growth since its launch. In less than a month, it has attracted over 15 million users and records 10 million daily battles in its Telegram app, PixelTap. Its social media presence is also impressive, with more than 2 million followers on its X (Twitter) account and over 7.8 million subscribers on its Telegram News Channel. This rapid growth demonstrates Pixelverse’s massive appeal and the potential to set new standards in the gaming industry.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.