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Pirate Nation (PIRATE): A Revolutionary Adventure Game Made by Game Experts

Pirate Nation (PIRATE): A Revolutionary Adventure Game Made by Game Experts

2024-06-14 | 5m

What is Pirate Nation (PIRATE)?

Pirate Nation (PIRATE) is an exciting online game that immerses players in the life of a pirate. Players embark on quests, earn rewards, trade items, and strive to become the most feared and renowned pirate captain. The game blends adventure, strategy, and community engagement, offering a unique experience for players of all ages.

Who Created Pirate Nation (PIRATE)?

Pirate Nation was developed by veterans from some of the top game companies in the world, including Riot Games, Activision, EA Games, Zynga, and Epic Games. These industry experts have pooled their experience and creativity to create a game that is both engaging and innovative.

What VCs Back Pirate Nation (PIRATE)?

While it's not clear if the game had venture capital backing, the expertise of its creators speaks volumes about its quality and potential.

How Pirate Nation (PIRATE) Works

Pirate Nation is designed to be both fun and challenging. Here’s how it works:

Starting the Game

Players begin by acquiring a pirate, which can be a character from the game’s genesis collection called the Founder's Pirates. New players can also join as free-to-play (F2P) characters, called soulbound pirates, who have limited trading capabilities until they earn a Trade License.


● Quests: Players embark on various quests that range from easy to hard. These quests help players earn rewards and progress in the game.

● Crafting and Leveling Up: Players can craft new ships, level up their pirates, and enhance their abilities.

● Seasonal Events: Regular events, like the Jolly Roger campaign, offer additional challenges and rewards.

Item Rarity

Items in Pirate Nation have different rarity levels, indicated by unique background colors. The rarity levels include Common, Rare, Legendary, Artifact, and Heirloom. Common items are easy to obtain through low-level quests. Rare and Legendary items are harder to acquire and often come from limited-time events. Artifact and Heirloom items are extremely rare and only available in very limited quantities.

Earning BOOTY Points

BOOTY Points are a key feature in Pirate Nation, earned by completing quests and engaging with the game’s social media challenges. Players can multiply their BOOTY Points by holding multiple Founder's Pirates and maintaining a streak of completed quests. BOOTY Points are tallied on a leaderboard, with top performers earning bonus points and recognition.

The Jolly Roger campaign is a fun and engaging way to earn BOOTY Points. This campaign includes daily quests, social media challenges, and special events.

● Daily Quests: Players can complete a variety of quests, from easy to hard, to earn BOOTY Points.

● Social Challenges: Engaging with Pirate Nation’s social media, like liking and sharing tweets, also earns BOOTY Points.

● Leaderboard: Players who earn the most BOOTY Points are featured on a leaderboard, with the top 10 earning additional rewards.

Hold Own (Gold Hands)

Players who hold their pirates for certain periods are rewarded with Founder’s Chests and Founder’s Map Pieces.

● Founder’s Chests: These chests are awarded at specific intervals and contain valuable in-game items. The chests range from Iron to Gold, with each level offering increasingly rare rewards.

● Founder’s Map Pieces: Collecting all four unique map pieces is crucial for unlocking a special treasure. These pieces can be traded, allowing players to strategize and trade to complete their set.

Trade Licenses

Trade Licenses play a crucial role in Pirate Nation’s economy. They ensure a balanced marketplace and prevent exploitation by bots and bad actors.

● For Founder's Pirates: Existing players receive Trade Licenses based on the number of pirates they hold. This ensures they can continue trading without interruption.

● For F2P Players: New players can earn Trade Licenses by reaching Command Rank 10 or purchasing them. This unlocks the ability to sell items and fully participate in the game’s economy.

● Marketplace Restrictions: Soulbound items cannot be listed for sale, preventing confusion and ensuring a fair trading environment.

A snapshot of wallets holding Founder's Pirates was taken, and Trade Licenses were applied or airdropped accordingly.

● Single Pirate Wallets: Automatically unlocked, no Trade License airdrop.

● Multiple Pirate Wallets: Unlocked and receive additional Trade Licenses.

● New Buyers Post-Snapshot: Need a Trade License to sell items, which are tied to the wallet, not the pirates.

Free-to-Play (F2P) Mode

F2P players start with a soulbound pirate, which cannot be sold or transferred until they earn a Voxel Soul. These players can participate in the game, purchase items, and earn Trade Licenses to fully engage in the in-game economy.

Marketplace Solutions

To prevent confusion, Pirate Nation has implemented technical solutions to ensure soulbound items cannot be listed for sale on marketplaces like OpenSea. This helps maintain a clear and fair trading environment.

Phased Rollout

The expansion of Pirate Nation will happen gradually. This phased approach allows for improvements to existing systems and ensures a smooth integration of new players. As new players join, whether through ownership of a Founder’s Pirate or as F2P players, the community is encouraged to welcome them and help them get started.

PIRATE Goes Live on Bitget

Pirate Nation is designed to grow while preserving the value and uniqueness of its genesis collection, the Founder’s Pirates. The community is encouraged to be welcoming and supportive as new players join the game.

PIRATE, the native token of Pirate Nation, is now listed on Bitget. This offers a straightforward way to engage with the game's economy and community. Users can conveniently buy and sell PIRATE, and thus participate in in-game transactions and benefit from the token's potential growth.

How to Trade PIRATE on Bitget

Listing time: June 13, 2024

Step 1: Go to PIRATEUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell

For detailed instructions on how to spot trade in Bitget, please read The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading.

Trade PIRATE on Bitget now!

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