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Manta Network (MANTA): Building Web3 with A Dual Blockchain Approach

Manta Network (MANTA): Building Web3 with A Dual Blockchain Approach

2024-01-19 | 5m

What is Manta Network (MANTA)?

Born from a vision to address the limitations of existing blockchain solutions, Manta Network introduces a multi-modular ecosystem consisting of two blockchain networks with a focus on zero-knowledge (ZK) applications.

Manta Network started out with Manta Atlantic, which is considered the fastest ZK Layer 1 chain on Polkadot. Then, the ecosystem expanded with the introduction of Manta Pacific, a modular Layer 2 platform driven by community involvement. The core philosophy revolves around empowering users with a seamless and cost-effective environment for deploying ZK applications, addressing the challenges faced by current solutions in terms of high gas costs and slow performance.

At the time of writing, Manta Network boasts $506.64m in total value locked and $4.81m in 24H volume.

How Manta Network (MANTA) Works

Manta Pacific: A Scalable EVM-native L2

Manta Pacific is a unique Layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum for EVM-native ZK applications. In a landscape where there was no dedicated home for such applications, Manta Pacific fills the void, offering a scalable and cost-effective gas-fee environment. The emphasis is on user safety, making ZK applications the focal point of decentralized app experiences. Unlike traditional solutions, Manta Pacific provides the tooling necessary for easy development and deployment of ZK applications using Solidity.

Key Features:

Programmable ZK as EVM-native L2: Manta Pacific introduces programmable zero-knowledge as an EVM-native Layer 2, enabling developers to leverage the power of ZK technology within a familiar Ethereum environment.

Universal Circuits for Easy Development: Manta Pacific's Universal Circuits make ZK application development accessible using only Solidity, eliminating the need for developers to learn new languages. This user-friendly approach fosters a more inclusive developer community.

Data Availability with Celestia: Leveraging Celestia for data availability and zkEVM for scalability, Manta Pacific achieves high scalability and low transaction fees. Celestia's modular data availability, based on 2D Reed-Solomon erasure coding and Namespaced Merkle Trees (NMTs), significantly reduces transaction costs for end-users.

Developer-Friendly ZK Library: Universal Circuits 2.0 introduces a ZK library so developers can easily integrate ZK-enabled contracts into their existing Solidity smart contracts and dApps. This extends the usability of Manta Pacific's features across various chains and Web2 environments.

Manta Atlantic: The Fastest ZK Layer 1 Chain

Complementing Manta Pacific, Manta Atlantic takes the lead as the fastest and most decentralized ZK Layer 1 chain designed to support modular on-chain compliance identities. Unlike other ZK identity layers focusing on smart contract languages, Manta Atlantic places a strong emphasis on the ZK compliance credential layer. This approach facilitates real adoption and interoperability, allowing other projects to enjoy interoperable identities without delving into complex cryptographic work.

Key Features:

zkAddress System: Manta Atlantic introduces the innovative zkAddress system, comprising a public account-based address system and a UTXO-based private address system. This system, known as zkAddress, shields information related to SBT minting, on-chain credentials, and off-chain identities. Notably, it is the first private address system that is reusable, independent, and auditable.

Prove Key for Selective Credential Sharing: Enhancing user privacy, Manta Atlantic incorporates the Prove Key feature. Users can selectively share specific credentials of the zkAddress without revealing their entire ZK identity, ensuring a non-invasive compliance process.

Manta Network's Interoperability

To facilitate seamless interaction between Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic, Manta Network introduces the cBridge cross-chain bridge powered by Celer. This bridge, which went live on January 18, 2024, enables users to freely circulate assets, especially the native governance token of the Manta Network, MANTA, between both chains.

MANTA Goes Live on Bitget

As Manta Network extends its reach through interoperability and real-world adoption, the future holds exciting prospects. Its emphasis on real-world adoption is illustrated by the extension of zkSBT features to over 1.5 million Web3 users. The adoption in BNB Chain projects further underscores the project's potential impact and relevance in the broader blockchain space. Collaboration with prestigious institutions, investment funds, and participation in top Web3 accelerators also demonstrate Manta Network's commitment to achieving sustained growth and ushering in a new chapter of Web3 zk applications.

The recent developments and the ongoing growth of the Manta Network ecosystem suggest that now might be an opportune time to explore MANTA token. Seize the opportunity and trade MANTA on Bitget as the token is listed on January 18.

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Manta Network's unique approach to ZK technology, modular ecosystems, and interoperability sets the stage for a promising future in the decentralized web space. The community-driven nature of Manta Pacific, coupled with the emphasis on user-friendly access and compliance in Manta Atlantic, positions Manta Network as a versatile platform catering to a wide array of use cases.

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