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Flare (FLR): The Layer 1 That Facilitates Unparallel Interoperability

Flare (FLR): The Layer 1 That Facilitates Unparallel Interoperability

What is Flare (FLR)?

Flare is an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain that is designed to foster robust interoperability among various blockchain networks. It aims to tackle a fundamental challenge faced by blockchain users - the limited ability to integrate tokens from blockchains lacking smart contract support into smart contracts on Flare. This is where Flare's ingenuity shines through. Flare’s primary objective is to provide developers with trustless access to a broad spectrum of data, enabling the creation of diverse applications across various sectors such as DeFi, gaming, NFT, music, and social networks.

How Flare (FLR) Works

Flare is an intricate ecosystem that comprises multiple layers and protocols, which work together for the goal of interoperability.

Four Networks of Flare

Flare doesn't confine itself to a singular network; instead, it unfolds its potential across four distinctive networks:

Flare: The primary network where FLR serves as the native currency.

Songbird: A canary network designed for testing features under real conditions before deploying them on the main network Flare.

Coston: Songbird's public test network, focused on developer-centric testing.

Coston2: Flare's public test network, mirroring Coston's purpose.

This multi-network design highlights Flare's commitment to a developer-centric mindset, creating environments for experimentation and refinement. It not only enhances the reliability of the ecosystem but also underlines Flare's dedication to comprehensive testing before implementing new features, ensuring a robust and secure blockchain experience.

Data Acquisition Protocols: FTSO and State Connector

Two core protocols, the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) and the State Connector, underpin Flare's operations regarding data acquisition.

FTSO: Decentralized Price Feeds

The FTSO is a blockchain oracle that provides continuous estimations of changing data, such as price pairs, in a decentralized manner. By employing a weighted median algorithm, it computes accurate estimates based on input from token holders.

State Connector: Bridging External Chains

The State Connector allows users to submit queries to Flare to obtain information from other blockchains. Attestation providers collect answers and give them to the network, and the Flare system checks for consensus on the submitted answers before giving the results to the enquirers. The kind of data that is provided by State Connector is verifiable and non-changing data. An example of non-verifiable data is data behind a paywall, and an example of changing data is crypto price.

Flare LayerCake: The Bridge That Connects Smart Contract Networks

Flare LayerCake is a decentralized and trustless bridge that allows digital assets to move from one smart contract network to another. This system aims to enhance interoperability, providing an uninterrupted flow of data between different blockchain ecosystems.

FLR Token

Flare's native token, FLR, is indispensable for native payments, governance, and spam control at the network level. Moreover, it serves as collateral within applications, aligning with Flare's proof-of-stake model.

FLR can be wrapped as WFLR for compatibility with contracts designed for ERC-20 tokens. WFLR has the same voting power as FLR.

To maximize the use of FLR within its different utilities, Flare introduces delegation. The delegation system allows address owners to give votes associated with FLR tokens to other addresses for FTSO and governance participation without transferring tokens. This dynamic mechanism ensures that FLR holders can simultaneously earn FTSO rewards, and returns from collateral, and actively participate in governance.


Encountering a new layer 1 blockchain as robust, comprehensive, and meticulously crafted as Flare is truly a rarity in the blockchain scene. With its unparalleled design boasting not one, but four networks and an already operational bridge, Flare stands as a testament to the dedication towards creating a multifaceted blockchain ecosystem.

One of Flare's standout strengths lies in its unwavering commitment to user-friendly development environments. Providing not just one, but three testing networks alongside a robust main network demonstrates Flare's dedication to fostering a nurturing space for developers.

Moreover, the dual protocols for decentralized data acquisition, FTSO and State Connector, further highlight Flare's exceptional design. This dual-layered approach not only enhances the reliability of data but also opens up various opportunities for innovative applications across diverse industries.

As Flare Networks continues to set new benchmarks, it beckons pioneers and developers to join the journey of decentralized innovation and unlock potential of decentralized technology.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.