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De.Fi (DEFI): The First Automated Cross-Chain Decentralized Security Scanner for Smart Contracts

De.Fi (DEFI): The First Automated Cross-Chain Decentralized Security Scanner for Smart Contracts

What is De.Fi (DEFI)?

De.Fi (DEFI) is the first cross-chain decentralized security protocol that provides efficient, automated, and trustworthy security checks for smart contracts. The project is backed by the likes of 21Shares, Shima Capital, Huobi, OKX, DeFiance, etc. At the moment, De.Fi boasts more than 3 million users across 36 blockchain networks with more than $26 billion in total value tracked.

How De.Fi (DEFI) Works

De.Fi recognizes the overwhelming growth of smart contracts and the limitations of manual security checks by Solidity experts. To tackle this issue, De.Fi offers automated security scanners, catering to both developers and users, regardless of their Solidity knowledge. The automated checks are not only fast but also incorruptible, thanks to decentralized verification.

Security Scoring

De.Fi introduces a novel concept of "security scoring." This score acts as a quick benchmark for DeFi projects, providing users with a trustworthy evaluation of a project's smart contract. The goal is to enable both DeFi users and developers to assess the general trustworthiness of a project without delving deep into complex smart contract codes.

The scanner's findings are presented in an easy-to-understand manner, with explicit descriptions of each smart contract weakness and recommendations for addressing them. What sets De.Fi apart is its ability to complete the scanning process within 15 seconds, depending on the contract's complexity, making it one of the fastest tools in the market.

Similarity Score

De.Fi doesn't stop at individual contract analysis. Users can review contracts with similar structures and functionalities, helping them identify potential issues based on the experiences of other projects. This similarity check is not only a preventive measure but also a tool to compare a contract against industry-standard contracts, allowing users to focus on potential consequences and deviations.

Governance Scanner

The Governance Scanner is a versatile tool designed by De.Fi for in-depth examinations of on-chain governance structures. It identifies whether smart contract addresses hold administrative roles over privileged functions within the contract. This feature provides a comprehensive display of key architectural aspects, including governance roles, voting data, project information, timelock details, and underlying functions controlled by governance.

Other Tools

De.Fi complements its suite with additional tools like:

● Security Market, the “CoinMarketCap” for blockchain security.

● Timelock Contract Viewer and Impermanent Loss Calculator, allowing users to track functions, monitor price fluctuations, and mitigate risks associated with yield farming.

● De.Fi SocialFi, encouraging users to compete, complete tasks, utilize De.Fi products to earn XP Points and, and unlock various benefits.

● De.Fi GPT, using artificial intelligence to provide users with insights, forecasts, and analytical data.

● De.Fi SDK, allowing easy access to the audit and REKT databases, along with the scanner's functionality.

DEFI Goes Live on Bitget

DEFI is the native token of the De.Fi ecosystem. Multi-chain distribution of DEFI on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche ensures widespread accessibility. DEFI token holders enjoy various benefits, including product access, app discounts, exclusive chat access, partner benefits, and participation in the De.Fi Loyalty Program.

The upcoming listing of DEFI token on Bitget provides an exciting prospect for those interested in the future of decentralized finance security. Investors and traders seeking opportunities should take note of the upcoming listing of DEFI token on Bitget, scheduled for January 31.

How to Trade DEFI on Bitget

Step 1: Go to DEFIUSDT spot trading page;

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.

For detailed instructions on how to spot trade in Bitget, please read The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading.

De.Fi is a comprehensive and inclusive solution to the security challenges faced by decentralized finance. Its innovative features, automated scanning, and decentralized verification make it a pioneer in the blockchain space, promising a safer and more reliable environment for both developers and users.

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