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Dappad (APPA): Simplifying Blockchain Investments with Account Abstraction Technology

Dappad (APPA): Simplifying Blockchain Investments with Account Abstraction Technology

2024-04-09 | 5m

What is Dappad (APPA)?

Dappad (APPA) is a launchpad designed to make investing in early-stage Web3 projects as simple and straightforward as using traditional Web2 investment tools. Dappad leverages cutting-edge technologies like Account Abstraction (AA) to streamline the investment process and enhance accessibility for users. Dappa will first be launched on zkSync and will expand to work on multiple blockchains in the future.

How Dappad (APPA) Works

What is Account Abstraction

One of the key innovations driving Dappad's success is Account Abstraction (AA). AA is a concept in blockchain that allows users to have enhanced control and adaptability over their blockchain accounts.

Typically, blockchain networks allow two kinds of accounts: user-controlled externally owned accounts (EOAs) and smart contract governed accounts. EOAs often can only be used for basic purposes, potentially limiting your interaction possibilities with the blockchain network.

AA effectively addresses these constraints by simplifying the creation of smart contract wallets, which are specialized smart contracts that oversee user accounts. This majorly improves the flexibility of what user accounts can do.

Building a Launchpad with Account Abstraction

Dappad takes AA to the next level by integrating it into its launchpad ecosystem. But what does that mean for users? Well, imagine a launchpad that is not only accessible and transparent but also efficient and secure - that's precisely what Dappad offers.

By leveraging AA technology, Dappad simplifies the investment process, making it easier for users to participate in fundraising projects and incubations. This innovation not only attracts newcomers to the blockchain space but also enhances the security and scalability of transactions. On Dappad, users can experience enhanced accessibility such as investing through batch transactions with a single click.

Products and Services of Dappad

AA Wallet - Mobile App

Dappad's AA Wallet - Mobile App is the epitome of user-friendly blockchain applications. Combining the functionality of a wallet and a mobile app, this innovative platform allows users to invest in web3 projects with ease.

The app offers a range of features designed to enhance the user experience, including Custom Paymaster support for ERC20 tokens, multi-signature transactions, and a social recovery system. Additionally, users can set spending limits for their smart accounts and enjoy sponsored gas fees, further simplifying the investment process.


Dappad's commitment to simplicity extends beyond its mobile app to its launchpad platform. With seamless navigation and intuitive design, users can easily explore projects, invest in their favorites, and track their progress – all without getting lost in a sea of technical terminology.

APPA Goes Live on Bitget

APPA is the native token of Dappad. With APPA, users are granted a lot of utilities and benefits within the Dappad ecosystem. Token holders can participate in pre-sales of projects, wield voting power in DAO governance decisions, and use APPA as gas tokens for transaction fees. Integration with the AA Wallet mobile app enables seamless transactions and exclusive features on the go. Additionally, holders may enjoy discounts and fee reductions, while customizable tiered wallet access and spending limits enhance security and control over digital assets.

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How to Trade APPA on Bitget

Listing time: April 11, 2024

Step 1: Go to APPAUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell

As Dappad continues to innovate and refine its platform, the future prospects look bright. With its focus on accessibility, transparency, and user-friendly design, Dappad is poised to attract a growing number of investors to the world of blockchain.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.