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Crypto Trackers: Future of Digital Asset Management

Crypto Trackers: Future of Digital Asset Management

Are you navigating the volatile waves of the crypto market effectively? As cryptocurrencies become increasingly mainstream, investors globally are grappling with the best ways to manage their growing digital assets. The complexity and pace of the crypto world demand a new kind of asset management, one that can keep up with the 24/7 market operations and provide timely insights. This is where crypto portfolio trackers step in, emerging as the indispensable digital asset manager of the future.

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker serves as your financial dashboard in the digital asset market. It's a platform or application specifically designed to keep track of all your various crypto holdings. Think of it as your digital ledger, allowing you to monitor real-time changes in your cryptocurrencies' value based on the ever-volatile market movements. You can keep track of profits, losses, individual coin performance, and the total worth of your digital wallet.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Work?

At its core, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker operates by syncing with various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, such as Bitget accounts, and consolidating all your digital assets in one central location. The user inputs the type and quantity of coins they hold, either manually or via direct syncing with their wallets or exchange accounts. Once the data has been entered, the portfolio tracker starts to work its magic.

The application will continuously monitor the current market value of each type of cryptocurrency in the portfolio, updating prices in real-time. It then calculates the value of the overall portfolio by adding up the current worth of each individual asset. Many trackers also display historical data, allowing users to see how the value of their assets has changed over time.

Beyond simply tracking the value of your investments, many crypto portfolio trackers provide detailed analytics that can help users understand their portfolio’s performance and make informed investment decisions. These analytics might include information like portfolio distribution charts, risk analysis, potential return on investment calculations, and more. Some trackers even integrate news and social media feeds, allowing users to stay updated with the latest cryptocurrency news, and how it might affect their investments.

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The Indispensability of a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

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Benefits of using a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Comprehensive Insights

Cryptocurrency investments are spread over numerous wallets and exchanges. A portfolio tracker gathers this scattered data, offering you a consolidated, panoramic view of your entire holdings. This ensures you stay abreast of your digital wealth's performance.

Informed Decision Making

Tracking your crypto investments' real-time performance equips you to make well-informed decisions and alleviate potential risks. It's a strategic tool for adjusting your investment portfolio based on market trends, allowing for optimized returns.

Streamlining Efficiency

Manually tracking investments across different platforms can be cumbersome and error-prone. A portfolio tracker streamlines this process, automating the tracking mechanism, saving you precious time, and enhancing accuracy.

Tax Compliance Simplified

The labyrinth of tax regulations surrounding cryptocurrency can be baffling and varies from one jurisdiction to another. Many portfolio trackers offer features that simplify tax reporting, ensuring you're tax-compliant.

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Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers for Bitget Users

To help our users stay ahead, we at Bitget have partnered with the industry's most powerful crypto portfolio trackers. For Bitget users, three of the best crypto portfolio trackers are CoinStats, Livecoinwatch, and Kubera.

CoinStats: A Comprehensive Crypto Management Platform

CoinStats is a one-stop platform for managing all your crypto and DeFi assets. It supports over 8000 coins and 300 exchanges, including popular platforms like Bitget, Binance, Coinbase and more. CoinStats offers seamless portfolio management, giving users a bird's eye view of their total crypto investments and the tools to enhance them.

Quick and secure, the platform can be set up in mere minutes and prioritizes user privacy, employing advanced military-grade encryption for data storage. Furthermore, CoinStats employs robust security measures to safeguard your account against both external threats and potential insider misuse.

Live Coin Watch: Real-Time Crypto Price and Portfolio Tracker

Live Coin Watch stands as a go-to real-time cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracker, providing historical charts, current coin markets from crypto exchanges, volume, liquidity, order books, and more. It offers live updates on top coins by market cap, 24-hour volume, liquidity, and bitcoin dominance across 27,118 coins on 641 exchanges.

With Live Coin Watch, you gain a comprehensive view of live crypto prices, enabling you to monitor virtually any stock, ETF, or Mutual Fund globally. The platform supports all major stock exchanges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Furthermore, it hosts a chat feature, fostering a vibrant community where users can share and discuss insights about the crypto market.

Kubera: All-In-One Wealth Tracker

Kubera, characterized by its sleek design and user-friendly interface, is tailored for the contemporary investor. It empowers users to track their current net worth, compare it with past figures, and forecast future trends. With its wide coverage of nearly every global currency and connectivity to over 20,000 institutions worldwide, Kubera establishes itself as a truly global portfolio tracker.

Kubera supports DeFi assets on multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Solana Cosmos. It also supports NFTs, allowing you to track your Punks, Apes, Robots Kittens. Beyond crypto assets, Kubera calculates an accurate Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for all your investments, accounting for multiple contributions and withdrawals and the time invested. It also allows users to benchmark their IRR against returns from popular indices and tickers like SP 500, Dow Jones, and AAPL.

Final Thought

As the world of digital currencies gains more acceptance and becomes intricately woven into our financial systems, managing these volatile assets has become a challenge.

However, crypto portfolio trackers have emerged to meet this challenge, making them the digital asset managers of the future. Providing a comprehensive, real-time view of your digital wealth, these applications help make informed decisions, streamline efficiency, and simplify tax compliance. Trackers such as CoinStats, Live Coin Watch and Kubera, with their unique and powerful features, represent the industry's best options for Bitget users. 


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