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What does “Blue-Chip” Crypto mean?

What does “Blue-Chip” Crypto mean?

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“Blue-Chip” means a company with steady and excellent performance. Even during a recession, they are still able to maintain a stable revenue to resist the risk. It’s a good option to invest in even in the decline of the economy.

Do we have “Blue-Chip” crypto to invest in during the recession?

What is “Blue-Chip” and examples?

In the traditional stock market, “Blue-Chip” term refers to an established and well-recognized corporation with high and steady performance over a period of time.

A Blue-Chip company is usually with the following features:

  • A dominant position in an industry

  • Excellent performance

  • High credibility and reputation

  • Large market value

  • Stable revenue and profit

  • High market recognition

Typical Blue-Chip Stock:

  • Apple

  • P&G

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • McDonald's

  • Alphabet

  • The Boeing Company

How to define a “Blue-Chip” Crypto?

Unlike the stock market with over a hundred years of development, the crypto market is still at a fast growing stage. Due to its unique nature, crypto is not completely the same as a stock.

But Blue-Chip crypto may share some common features with Blue-Chip stocks, including high market recognition, high reputation and a dominant position with a large market capitalization.

The ‘Blue-Chip’ Cryptocurrencies List

Even though there are thousands of cryptos on the market right now, 70% of the market capitalization has actually been taken by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which enjoy a high reputation and market recognition.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the first crypto with the highest price and value. So far on June 2, the total market value of crypto is about 1,234.10 billion. And the total market value of Bitcoin is 589.12 billion, which is 47% of the crypto market share.

The all-time high of Bitcoin has reached over 60,000 USD. Even experiencing the bear market in May 2022, its price still remains at 30,000 USD.

Compared to the bull market in the early stage of Bitcoin, which recorded a decreasing rate of more than 90%, the price of Bitcoin remains at a more steady level. It reflects investors’ confidence in Bitcoin.

Now are you ready to invest in BTC?

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform.The cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called Ether (ETH), which is the second most valuable crypto. And the Ethereum Blockchain is the second largest Blockchain network in the world.

The innovation of Ethereum is the function of smart contracts. It enables the development of De-Fi (decentralized finance) and D-Apps (decentralized applications).

The total market value of ETH is 229.67 billion, which is 19% of the crypto market share, and there is an increasing tendency for the development of Web 3.

Now are you ready to invest in ETH?

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Other potential crypto projects that maybe the next “Blue-Chip”

Similar to a football match, BTC and ETH are in the first division of crypto. Even if other cryptocurrencies have no big market capitalization like them, it doesn’t mean they have no potential or value. The development of crypto is still at a beginning stage.

In the following, we will introduce two potential cryptocurrencies which are among the top ten most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.


Solana aims at becoming the fastest blockchain in the world. Popular Blockchain networks like Ethereum require higher operation fees, as more and more transactions are processed across the network.

It leads to D-Apps developers looking for substitutes with a lower operation cost and higher efficiency. Solana’s creators claim that they believe they’ve created a solution which makes them the “fastest growing ecosystem in crypto.”


ADA is the crypto of the Blockchain network Cardano. Currently, Ethereum can process 15 to 30 transactions per second. Meanwhile, the estimated speed is over 250 transactions per second on Cardano. Cardano is working on a Layer 2 (L2) solution called Hydra, that may process 2,000,000 transactions per second.

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