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Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market

The rise of Bitcoin Ordinals has sparked widespread interest and, consequently, resulted in a surge in usage, fees, and storage demands within the Bitcoin network. It presents a potential avenue for expanding the utility of Bitcoin beyond its role as a mere "store of value." Since its inception in January 2023, an impressive US$11.8 million inscriptions have been generated. In this article, we explore the five most valuable collections that have emerged, shedding light on their significance and contribution to the broader applications of this groundbreaking protocol.

While the criteria for “valuable” may differ from one to another, here we decide to take into consideration such factors as total volume, price, and community recognition over time.

Bitcoin Rocks

The first collection we would like to present is Bitcoin Rocks. This project drew inspiration from the groundbreaking Ethereum NFT project called Ether Rocks. Created by the artist Rocktoshi21, Bitcoin Rocks consists of a series of unique digital rocks, with the very first rock minted at Inscription 71, paying homage to the inaugural rock of the Ether Rocks collection.

With exclusivity at its core, Bitcoin Rocks comprises a limited collection of only 100 NFTs, each possessing its own distinctive features. The astonishing value of these digital gems is exemplified by their listings, with some commanding prices as high as 1,000 BTC, equating to a staggering value of over US$26 million at the time of writing. Even the lowest bid on Ordinals Wallet currently stands at an impressive 8 BTC, amounting to over US$208,000.

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 0

All 100 Bitcoin Rocks (Source: odrocks)


TwelveFold makes a name for itself right from the beginning because it is an ordinals collection created by the team behind the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Lab. Within the limited total supply of 300 inscriptions, a stunning amalgamation of generative abstract art unfolds with surreal-looking 3D features.

The TwelveFold collection aspires to delve into the captivating interplay between time, mathematics, and the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. The concept draws inspiration from the fact that 144 blocks of Bitcoin are mined daily, so each piece within the collection takes form as a 12x12 grid, aptly earning its distinguished moniker, “TwelveFold”.

The auction that unveiled this extraordinary collection unfolded over a 24-hour period, commencing on March 6, 2023. In this auction, 288 pieces were available for bidding, attracting 3,246 bids, with winning bidders investing substantial sums ranging from US$50,000 to over US$150,000 for a single piece.

At the time of writing, a TwelveFold piece can cost up to 10 BTC, which is more than US$260,000.

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 1

3 inscriptions within the TwelveFold collection (Source: Ordiscan)

Taproot Wizards

Taproot Wizards is an ordinals collection conceived and crafted by the independent Web3 developer, Udi Wertheimer. Each wizard in this collection, starting from Inscription 652, has been hand-drawn by Udi himself, creating an unparalleled collection of digital artifacts.

According to the manifesto, Taproot Wizards says that they are a passionate group of individuals who aim to reignite the spark that made Bitcoin truly magical by rebuilding the Wizard Village, a virtual community where Bitcoin enthusiasts can gather and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Taproot Wizards.

The collection consists of 2105 unique creations. All sales of NFTs in the collection are facilitated through Taproot Wizards Discord, where collectors and enthusiasts can gather, engage in discussions, and explore the project.

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 2

Taproot Wizards collection (Source: Ordiscan)

Since Taproot Wizards, a lot of copycat collections have been created, such as Taproot Punks, Taproot Cows, Taproot Shrooms, you name it.

Bitcoin Punks

CryptoPunks is a legendary NFT collection and it’s only natural that people want to recreate it on the Bitcoin blockchain once Ordinals allows NFT creation. Interestingly, two collections bearing the same name, Bitcoin Punks, have emerged, each offering a somewhat different interpretation of the original one.

The first Bitcoin Punks, proudly announcing on its official Twitter as “the first 10k NFT collection on Ordinals”, presents a fresh perspective on the beloved CryptoPunks theme. Consisting of an impressive 10,000 Punks, these digital artworks feature a light orange background and a wider array of characters and expressions, offering a truly diverse ensemble. The entire collection has already been minted, and avid collectors have eagerly begun buying and selling these unique NFTs. Notably, a passionate collector recently acquired two alien Punks and six ape Punks for a noteworthy sum of 3.25 BTC (equivalent to US$84,500). As demand escalates, the bidding price for a Bitcoin Punks NFT can skyrocket, reaching remarkable figures such as 300 BTC (about US$7.8 million).

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 3

Orange-themed Bitcoin Punks (Source: Bitcoin Punks Website)

On the other hand, the second Bitcoin Punks collection, known as Bitcoin Punks i2, also is a 10,000-profile picture collection. The bidding price for a Bitcoin Punks i2 NFT can surge to impressive heights, reaching up to 50 BTC (approximately US$1.3 million).

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 4

A Bitcoin Punks i2 can go up to 50 BTC per NFT (Source: Ordinal Wallets)

Ordinals Punks

Ordinal Punks is another collection that pays homage to the renowned CryptoPunks phenomenon. It is the most popular Ordinals collection, standing as an exclusive and highly sought-after collection comprising just 100 inscriptions. These unique NFTs were brought to life through a generative profile picture (PFP) collection, presenting captivating 192x192 pixel images. The mastermind behind this creation is none other than the Web3 creator, FlowStay, who employed an open-source algorithm to produce these pieces.

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 5

Ordinal Punks is the biggest Ordinals collection (Source: CoinGecko)

In order to accommodate the infrastructure requirements of Bitcoin, the management of bids and asks for these NFTs is facilitated through a Google Sheet. Acting as a trusted intermediary, the project's creator assumes the role of an escrow agent, ensuring secure transactions and providing peace of mind for participants within the Ordinal Punks community on Discord.

The allure and scarcity of the Ordinal Punks have led to significant interest from collectors and enthusiasts alike. Presently, the lowest bid for an Ordinal Punk on Ordinals Wallet stands at an impressive 10 BTC (approximately US$260,000), underscoring the value attributed to these digital artifacts. On the other end of the spectrum, the most sought-after piece, Ordinal Punk 78, commands an astonishing asking price of 50 BTC (approximately US$1.3 million), reflecting the exceptional demand and desirability surrounding this particular artwork. Notably, a recent transaction involving a buyer named dingaling witnessed the acquisition of seven of these captivating Punks for a substantial sum of 15.2 BTC (approximately US$395,200), further solidifying their value and prominence within the marketplace.

Top 5 Most Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals Collections That Are Leading the Market image 6Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.