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The Ultimate Guide to Bitget Spot Copy Trading

The Ultimate Guide to Bitget Spot Copy Trading

What is Bitget’s Spot Copy Trading?

Bitget has always been a pioneer in social trading. We revolutionized crypto futures trading with our flagship product - One-Click Copy Trade, making it easy and profitable for newcomers to implement sophisticated futures trading strategies with just one click. As of today, our One-Click Copy Trade product has accumulated over 80,000 traders, 338,000 followers, over 42 million profitable trades, and shared over 20,000,000 USD in profit with our traders.

Now, we have made this transparent, reliable trading product available for spot trading. Introducing Bitget’s Spot Copy Trading, a low-slippage, low-latency, and low-maintenance trading product that takes the burden off your shoulders and rakes in profit with some of our most successful traders.

If you’ve already tried our Futures Copy Trading product or even better, you’ve already accumulated a considerable number of followers as a trader, then you should feel just at home with our Spot Copy Trading product.

If you’re new to our copy trade product or even the world of crypto in general, fret not. With this comprehensive guide, you should be able to trade like field-tested veterans in the nick of time.

How to start as a follower

Following traders and orders

To start as a follower and copy other traders’ orders, head to ‘Copy Trading’, then select ‘Spot Copy Trading’. You can choose your favorite trader from the list based on their total equity, transactions, and number of followers. Tap ‘Copy’ when you have made your choice.


Following traders and orders


Following traders and orders

After agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will be directed to the setting page for some final adjustments. Here, you can select or deselect trading pairs, as well as customize how you plan to follow a specific trader.


follow a specific trader


follow a specific trader

You can choose to invest a fixed amount of equity (10 to 3,000 USD) when the trader you follow buys in, or set a multiplier (0.1 to 20) to buy in assets proportional to your trader’s orders. You’ll also find Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Maximum Investment settings under ‘Risk Management’.

If you would like a more hands-on approach, toggle ‘Advanced Settings’ to customize these parameters on a per-trading-pair basis.

Tap ‘Follow’ to start following your selected trader once you have confirmed all your settings. You can always change these settings on your profile page later.

Status check

Click ‘My Copy Trades’ to enter your profile page and see all the traders and orders you have followed. Here, you can customize every single open order, as well as how you would like to follow each trader’s orders whenever you want.


Status check


Status check

How to start as a trader

To qualify as a trader in our Spot Copy Trading product, you should have:

  • No open spot orders at the time of applying;

  • No trader in your following list;

  • No active strategy at the time of applying.

Then, tap ‘Become a trader’ on the Copy Trading page to start your application. You’ll be required to submit some proven track records as well as your contact information.

After your application is approved, you will automatically become a futures copy trader. If you want to become a spot copy trader, you need to turn on the Spot copy trade function under ‘Settings’ tab.

How to start as a trader

After you become a copy trader, you will be displayed on our traders list when you have:

  • A minimum of 500 USDT equivalent of assets in your Bitget spot trading account;

  • Finished at least one Spot Copy Trading;

  • Opened at least one spot trading pair.

Profit sharing

As a trader, you’re entitled to take a share of all the profits your followers have made following your orders. Your profit-sharing ratio is related to the amount of BGB you have locked up:

BGB Lockup

Profit-Sharing Ratio

1,000 BGB


2,000 BGB


3,000 BGB


4,000 BGB


Please note that all profit will be converted into USDT and distributed to you upon closing of all orders made by each of your followers under your lead. All assets purchased as a trader can only be withdrawn after closing all open orders you’ve made as a trader.

Tips on finding a good trader

As a general guide, a good trader should be able to sustain consistent gains in the long-term, through bull and bear markets. A good trader should also have a clear understanding of their risk profile and be able to manage their risk accordingly. As a role model for their followers, a good trader should also put the interests of their followers before everything else and never mislead them.

You can tap on any trader’s avatar to enter their profile page, where you'll find detailed information about their orders, followers, and Insights. We recommend that you do so on our website for a more comprehensive showcase of their track records.

Can’t wait to test it out? Register on Bitget and start your crypto trading journey following our most successful traders!