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How to Invest Your Capital During The Crypto Bear Market?

How to Invest Your Capital During The Crypto Bear Market?

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Both trading and investing are the major money-making ways in the crypto world. But during the bear market, even top traders and investors may suffer a great loss.

In an uncertain crypto winter, would you like to develop a multiple stream of income without facing a high risk as trading? Or not sure what to do until the next crypto bounce?

This article will go through some suggestions you can earn a passive, stable and flexible income in the crypto world.


In the crypto world, staking is one of simplest ways to earn a passive income. Staking can be considered as a kind of mining with a much lower entry barrier.

In the POS (Proof of Stake) system, it requires funds to be kept in a specific wallet, to carry out some functions like validating transactions. For those providing funds, they will receive interest as a reward.

Similar to the banking saving system, staking usually requires you to lock up a large sum of money for a long period of time. It implies a risk that the price of the crypto you provided for staking, will drop suddenly during the lock up period.

In order to solve this problem, Bitget has launched the Flexible Saving Program: Not only with the industrial leading return (like DOT with 5.6% APR), it also allows users to withdraw their capital at any time rather than locking up for a long time.

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This strategy may not be suitable for newbies. Shorting means selling a crypto asset at an early time and buying it back later.

The trader expects a decrease in price in the future. If the price really decreases in the future, since they’ve already sold at a high price, the traders can profit from the price difference.

The risk of shorting is obvious: the potential loss is infinite in theory. If there is a sudden rise in crypto prices due to some unexpected situation, you will suffer from a great loss.

You can set up a stop loss strategy to minimize the loss, or equip yourself. For more information about shorting.

Copy Trading

Unlike shorting, this strategy is more suitable for newbie traders or investors.

The idea of copy trading is simple. It refers to the trading that investors copy or follow other professional traders to have the same positions.

Copy trading provides a relatively low entry barrier for newbies to enter the market, rather than starting from scratch without any experience and knowledge. So that you can save both money and time costs without watching the market all the time. As the traders you follow have carried out the trading and earn profits for you.

The only risk of copy trading is the performance of the traders you follow. On Bitget One-Click Copy Trade, all traders’ trading performances are transparent to the public.

You just choose the traders you’d like to copy, input the amount and click COPY. You’ll be duplicating expert traders’ positions automatically in real time and direct proportion.

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Referral Program

We have play-to-earn in 2020, move-to-earn in 2021. Actually, we already have a refer-to-earn mechanism in our community.

If you’re a senior user of Bitget, we’re happy to invite users like you, to be our brand ambassador: Through referring a friend to be a user of Bitget, you will receive up to 3000 USDT and the commissions deriving from their trading volume.

If you are passionate about crypto trading, please don’t hesitate to join our referral program and start influencing your friends. Probably, your friends are hesitant to step into the crypto world as they don’t know who to follow. Then you can guide them.


The 2020s is the age of social media. If you are familiar with it, you are owning a cash generating machine.

If you are an influencer, affiliation is the fastest way to turn your influence into gold. Through referring Bitget to your friends or followers, you can receive commissions from each referee and derive commissions from their trading volume.

So far, Bitget has over 10,000+ affiliate partners around the globe. We have given out 5000+ Bitcoin as a reward.

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Equipping Yourself

I know this suggestion is a little bit old school. But what makes people different in the long term? Knowledge; it’s always knowledge.

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, many professionals claimed that Bitcoin was spam and ignored this rare opportunity. And when Ethereum was launched in 2015, some Bitcoin lovers claimed it was spam and ignored another rare opportunity.

Crypto is a fast growing industry. If you don’t keep learning about the latest knowledge, you can’t make a profit in the long run as the market always changes rapidly.

At Bitget Academy, we are not delivering the trading knowledge, but also the latest knowledge about different new crypto projects, market news and technology. The Bitget Academy will equip your crypto mindset so that you can make money in the long run.

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