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Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline

How to Become a P2P Merchant

You can submit to be a merchant via Bitget webpage.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 0

Or via Bitget App: Click ‘ Buy Crypto’, then head to P2P page, choose ‘Apply to be a merchant’.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 1

To become a merchant on Bitget P2P platform, you will need to meet these requirements:

- Complete KYC

- Bind email

- Bind phone number

- 50 USDT in your spot account as a safety deposit. (Safety deposit: This safety deposit can be withdrawn whenever you decide to quit as a merchant by reaching out to us.)

Your application will be viewed in 5 work days. You can speed up your application approval by reaching out to us on Telegram through @bitgetp2ppay or @dhz1124 or

After your application is approved, we will send you an email informing approval of your application. We will also send you a telegram link to your exclusive customer support group. This group will include our customer support executives and the P2P team as well.

How to Post a Trade Ad on P2P

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can post your P2P advertisement on Bitget as a merchant.

Step 1: Please click “Buy Crypto --> P2P” to enter the P2P trading page.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 2

Step 2: In the upper right-hand corner of the P2P trading page, click on Post Ad, then you can choose to post Buy ads or Sell ads.

Buy ads: It means a merchant wants to buy crypto from users. The Buy ads will show up on the P2P Sel l trading page.

Sell ads: It means a merchant wants to sell crypto to users. The Sell ads will show up on the P2P Buy trading page.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 3

Step 3: Create your ideal advertisement by configuring the following steps:

A. Setting ads type

- Select advertisement type: Buy or Sell

- Select your preferred Coin and Fiat currency

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 4

B. Setting ads price

- Choose either the Fixed Price or Floating Price

- Enter the Trading price (per USDT) or Floating ratio

Note: A fixed offer price will not fluctuate based on market movements, whereas a floating offer price is calculated by multiplying the premium and the reference price. For beginners, we recommend you use a fixed price, as a floating price is subjected to changes in the market.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 5

C. Setting transaction requirements

- Enter the total quantity you want to trade

- Enter the minimum and maximum transaction amount which you are willing to accept per ad

- Choose a payment deadline: the time you want to give to customers to complete the payment.

- Choose a payment method: the more payment methods, the more customers you can attract

- Notes: This section is optional, you can note any remarks for your customers.

Bitget P2P Merchant Guideline image 6

Click to agree on the trading rule, then click ‘Post’.

And congratulations! Your ad is now successfully posted.

Simply create an account, and start exploring the incredible Bitget-Verse today!