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1.Key metrics (as of February 28th 2023)
2. What is Haloworld(HALO)?
HALO is the leading data network for interactive NFT. It provides visual DID Protocol in the metaverse. HALO now has a decentralized metaverse label created by the 3D artist community using HALO Protocol, providing exquisite virtual DID for the market.
3. What makes Haloworld(HALO) unique
  • HALO protocol is transparent enough to allow interconnection with any Dapps that support smart contracts, with high interoperability.
  • HALO protocol's identity management allows identity retrieval by binding the user's creation features.
  • Using HALO nft, users can easily create unique interactive visual credential identities in Web3.0.
4. What is Haloworld's (HALO) roadmap?
  • Team building, RD of protocol, virtual human live stream, 3D modeling, and 3D artist community establishment.
  • A Web 3.0 visual identity label formed by a community of 3D artists to create NFTs and refine hundreds of different properties.
  • Prepare to launch the official website.
  • Launch the first batch of 1,000 NFTs and hold the first HALO SHOW.
  • Launch the second batch of 1,000 NFTs.
  • Build the ecosystem community.
  • Open the NFT staking system for users to earn points.
  • Interact with top celebrities, such as joint endorsement and other business activities.
  • Expanded HALO merchandise.
  • Cooperate with trendy brands to sell clothing, jewelry, music, dolls, etc. with HALO elements.
  • Launch the third and fourth batch of 1,000 NFTs.
  • Hold an online metaverse 3D artwork exhibition.
  • Launch the third and fifth batch of 1,000 NFTs.
  • Issue HALO Metaverse lands NFTs.
  • Issue HALO TOKENs.
  • Enter the metaverse.
  • Introduce VR Technology.
5. Haloworld(HALO)revenue streams
In 2022, the revenue mainly came from selling NFTs and the royalties coming from NFT holders' trading activities. By selling 5 batches of NFTs, HALO earned 1272 ETH and 1,520,400 BUSD.
6. What is Haloworld's(HALO) marketing strategy?
  • Offline party:HALO FRIENDS in Korea held an offline party in a club.
  • Community collaboration:Collaborated with over 200 NFT projects, Alpha groups and communities.
  • HALO SHOW:Virtual human influencers Serah, Ruby and Mina were invited to join HALO SHOW.
  • Celebrity collaboration:Stephen Hendry, the King of the Crucible, sent his best wishes to HALO Male NFTs.
  • AMA: Decentralized 3D Artist Community shared their views on 3D art and virtual human creation.
7. What are Haloworld(HALO) tokenomics?
TGE: 3% (1% Reserve fund + 2% Airdrop)
Ecosystem development: 25% (5% annually released and vested for 5 years).
Foundation: Locked for 3 months and vested 10% every 3 months.
Team allocation: Locked for 12 months and vested 10% every 3 months.
Liquidity Stakes: Vested for a period of 48 months after the game launched over 2 months. 15% would be unlocked to stake for CEX/NFT and 20% for ecosystem staking.
8. Appendix
Official Website: