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Bitget Pop Grab Tutorial

Bitget Pop Grab Introduction:

As Social media and Crypto investment are becoming an essential part of people's lives, Social Trading has facilitated the connection between Social media and Crypto investment. Social trading allows investors to interact and observe each other, and to follow or execute the investment strategies of more experienced professional investors, thereby maximizing the trading potential. Bitget has launched the Pop Grab function recently, and users can interact and shorten their social distance using this function on App.

Pop Grab Category: (1) Identical Pop Grab and Random Pop Grab

(2) Random Pop Grab includes single token and multiple tokens Pop Grab.(Support up to 10 tokens )

Pop Grab entrance: Bitget APP: Asset-Overview-click the Pop Grab image.

How to send an Identical Pop Grab?

  1. First, find “Asset” and click “Overview”, and click the little Pop Grab image.

Click “Send Pop Grab”

3. Choose a token

4. Choose “Identical Pop Grab” , enter the amount, click “ Only for new users”, and fill out the “password”.

5. Click “Prepare the Pop Grab”, then the Pop Grab is ready!

After you set up a Pop Grab, you can share the Pop Grab link and the Pop Grab Poster with your friends.

How to claim Identical Pop Grab?

  1. Open the Pop Grab and click “Claim Now”

  1. Enter the password:

  1. Then you can claim the Pop Grab

How to send a Random Pop Grab?

  1. Choose a token

2.Choose Random Pop Grab, Enter the amount and the password (Optional)

3. Click “Prepare the Pop Grab” and the Pop Grab is ready!

You can share the Pop Grab Link and the Pop Grab Poster to your friends.

How to Claim Random Pop Grab?

  1. Open the Pop Grab, Click “Claim”, and enter the password.

  1. You have claimed the Pop Grab successfully!

After claiming the Pop Grab, you can return to the “Asset” page and click the details. The Pop Grabs that you claimed will be synchronized in “Personal Asset”.


  1. Users must complete KYC and set up the asset password to send Pop Grab;

  2. The expiration date of the Pop Grab is 48 hours, unclaimed Pop Grab will be returned to users after 48 hours. If there are new users who registered one minute before the expiration date, then the 20 minutes registration time will be added to the expiration date, so the final expiration date will be 48hours and 20 minutes;

  3. The maximum amount of Pop Grab for each user per day is 1,000USDT, up to 1,000 USDT each. And each user can not send out more than 5 Pop Grabs each day;

  4. The Pop Grab amount that each user sends out must be greater than 0.1USDT, and the Pop Grab amount that each user claims will be greater than 0.0001USDT.

Futures Fees: Calculation in DetailBitget Bites (September 1, 2022)
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