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Earn More With Auto-Invest | Bitget Guides

Earn More With Auto-Invest | Bitget Guides

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What is spot auto-invest?

Auto-invest bots are trading bots that are a hassle-free solution for making regular crypto investments without having to time the market. Mitigate risk with batch purchases and avoid emotional entries in an efficient, user-friendly manner. Historical data reveals auto-invest bots outperform over 90% of market investors.

Spot auto-invest bot scenarios

Spot auto-invest is ideal for users with a long-term bullish view. After an initial order, the bot automatically invests and preset prices and frequencies, mitigating both risk and costs. Choose auto-invest bots for a low-pressure, hassle-free investment approach.

How to use spot auto-invest bots?

Log in to your Bitget account, go to Trade > Trading bots > Spot auto-invest to enter the trading page.

Select your investment currency.

You can invest in up to 10 coins with a single bot.

You can determine the investment percentage of each coin, or invest in all of them evenly.

Select the investment frequency.

The investment frequency can be monthly, daily, or hourly.

Enter the investment amount, which is the total value of the funds you want to invest (converted to USDT).

Determine the time of first buy order, then click create.

You have now created an auto-invest order.

Note that: when the auto-invest bot is triggered, if funds are insufficient, the bot will be terminated automatically.

You can view your orders in Spot auto-invest > Current bots.

Select a spot auto-invest bot, then click Details to view the bot details, or Stop to terminate the bot.

Spot auto-invest bot tips

For successful bot operation, allocate enough assets beforehand to prevent termination.

Beware of liquidation risk from changes in your trading account assets.

Unforeseen events like suspension or delisting will lead to automatic bot termination.

Read the full Bitget auto-invest product description and assess your risk appetite for informed decisions.

With auto-invest, profits have never been easier.