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Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024)

Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024)

2024-01-15 | 5m

Bitget Hot Takes is the exclusive weekly newsletter series by Bitget Academy, which sums up BGB performance, what's new at Bitget, and the latest market movements.

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Central Themes

• All 11 spot Bitcoin ETF applications were approved at once; trading began already on Thursday.

• Focus in the U.S. turned to the spot Ether ETF narrative; Hong Kong is open to exploring spot crypto ETFs; South Korea stands firm with their 'no crypto ETFs' policy.

• U.S. CPI and core CPI data came out higher than expected.

• Stablecoin issuer Circle filed for U.S. IPO.

• Bitget Card is OUT - be the first one to own the exclusive off-ramp gateway by Bitget x Visa

BGB: More Room To Rise

After climbing to US$0.6808 in the first week of 2024, BGB saw a correction last week. The weekly high fell to US$0.64 while the weekly low rose to US$0.59, but this low was out of the Bollinger Bands and rebounded right back within, hence the correction trend should not last long. Indicators are pointing to a buildup of momentum: a lot of room for BGB prices to increase, spread tightened, volume is down.

Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024) image 0

As mentioned above, BGB volume saw a decline of nearly 20% despite prices going back to US$0.60, so there's no short-term FOMO buyers here. Investors are apparently waiting for a price breakout (or more - see how 2023 turned out for BGB diamond hands?), which shall come with the stabilisation of Bitcoin prices, especially when a relationship between BGB and Bitcoin seems to have somewhat developed in the last few weeks.

Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024) image 1

Extra Volatile

Grayscale's win over the SEC in court has paved the way for the long-awaited spot Bitcoin ETF approval in the U.S . And it's not just Grayscale's conversion application but all 11 applications as a whole! Here's the name and ticker of all 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs that began trading last Thursday (January 11, 2024):

• Bitwise Bitcoin ETF: BITB

• VanEck Bitcoin Trust: HODL

• Grayscale Bitcoin Trust: GBTC

• Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin: FBTC

• Blackrock's iShares Bitcoin Trust: IBIT

• Franklin Bitcoin ETF: EZBC

• 21Shares & Ark Bitcoin ETF: ARKB

• Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF: BTCO

• Hashdex Bitcoin Futures ETF: DEFI

• WisdomTree Bitcoin Fund: BTCW

• Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund: BRRR

There are VanEck (HODL) and Hashdex (DEFI) whose names sound very.. dedicated, while the rest mostly follow the issuers' name standardisation. These 11 ETFs achieved nearly US$7.7 billion in trading volume in only two days, with Bitwise being the winner of Day 1 with US$625.8 million in net flow . Based on their performance and volume this week, we will decide on providing a summary of their performance in the following Bitget Hot Takes issues.

Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024) image 2

So spot Bitcoin ETF approval is a good thingy, and prices must be up only, right? Why the red? You may want to check out our guide for the near future here: DDD-Day: Bitcoin ETF Is Approved first, where we already predicted extra volatility after the approval. Besides, remember that in crypto markets there's something called perps (perpetual futures contracts ), which have no expiry and track the underlying asset's spot prices closely. This is a good time for whales to 'kill' the long orders before attempting to clear the short ones as well, since many still tend to trade with emotions and the moment they see prices decrease, they'll react with a high-risk short. This is not to say that we shall never trade during these volatile times, but better time your trade and up your skills to minimise the risk of liquidations.

There's another reason for the bleeding across all markets last week: the latest U.S. CPI data release . Expected was 3.2% YoY for the headline CPI and 3.8% for the core CPI, but the actual numbers are 3.4% and 3.9%, respectively. This means the FED's recent dovish pauses will likely come to an end, or at the bare minimum, rate cuts should not begin in as early as March. However, data from FedWatch Tool suggests that there are indeed more investors looking for the FED's lowering interest rates starting from March: 70% from 60.9% as of last week .

The Latest Bitget News

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Bitget Hot Takes (January 08 - January 14, 2024) image 3

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