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BGB Sail: September Edition

BGB Sail: September Edition

2023-10-13 | 5m

Our BGB Sail Series provides an in-depth analysis of BGB performance, together with a recap of the market situation at the end of each month.

BGB Sail: August Edition can be found here.

Market Summary

Historically speaking, September is not a good month for Bitcoin - the flagship cryptocurrency, the most popular coin, the one that dominates the crypto market at a minimum of 40% market share. Hence, headlines in the early days of the month all talked about a gloomy monthly outlook. But is it really the case?

When we look at the market cap ranking below, it’s clear that most crypto didn’t suffer much in September. Except for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB, the rest in the Top 10 started Q3 on a positive note, got into difficult waters in August, yet managed to stay resilient against increasing borrowing costs amid macro uncertainties.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 0

The global market cap indeed grew by 6.9% to US$1,153,294,059,599 on September 30, 2023 (0:00 AM UTC). Pay attention to the two only coins with a positive market cap change as they could very well suggest trends of the bears: turning to stables, which is not at all surprising, or seeking refuge in liquid staking derivatives - a sign of no slowdown in the expansion of this sector.

In terms of performance, all of the Top 10, except for USDT, USDC, and STETH, whose nature is stable a.k.a. whose returns should not stray away too far from 1.0, dipped below the horizontal line. Solana (SOL) saw the highest plunge around mid September but finished the monthly race in fourth place, after XRP, BTC, and ETH.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 1

One macro reminder for the rest of the year: FED Chair mentioned the intention to ‘hold policy at a restrictive level’ for some time after the updated benchmark interest rate shows a-(highly possible)-nother increase of interest rate before the year’s end. Same as the ECB. Furthermore, considering the economic slowdown in China and recent political issues, the competition for capital will become more intense, with risky assets possibly becoming less appealing compared to the ol’ good bonds. The glorious resurrection of bull markets may not arrive that soon.

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BGB Performance in August

BGB’s monthly high decreased by 1.8% to US$0.46014 but its monthly low moved in the opposite direction to climb up by 3.1%. The tightening spread, as analysed over and over again, combined with an ever-growing volume, is proof of a frequently trading token, a valuable asset. That being the case, BGB was able to outperform all of the Top 10 and nearly all exchange tokens with a 30-day return of 3.9%.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 2

In the 3-month period, BGB also minimises its losses at -7.3% against BTC’s -11.7% and ETH’s -13.8%. BGB volume in Q3 experienced a minor decrease of 1%, but the overall trend since Q2 is showing a march forward of this token: from US$749,710,052 in Q1 to US$1,383,357,421 and US$1,369,028,680 in Q3 (Data source: CoinGecko). Since the beginning of the year, August is the only month where BGB volume had a negative change; the average monthly volume growth of this token stands at 32.7% even when August is counted.

When it comes to liquidity, BGB’s volume-to-mcap ratio was the highest among all exchange tokens on average, approaching 0.03 or almost 30 times the ‘first tier’ token standard by That implies stable demand for BGB, thus buying and selling activities in September. It’s important to note that this is a huge move from the average of 0.02 in previous months - even more demand is spotted for the last month of Q3 for this wonderful token.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 3

New to BGB and Bitget? Check out this Bitget Token (BGB) Introduction and its limitless potential.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 4

BGB has been considered a blue-chip exchange token and thus a good long-term investment for several reasons. First of all, owning BGB means you will benefit from the expansion of the ever-growing Bitget ecosystem. Bitget is the first exchange to launch a crypto copy trading product in 2020 - the first of many innovative rollouts throughout the past three years; the better we become, the more profitable it is to invest in BGB. Besides, BGB is the ticket to multiple activities on Bitget, including Bitget Launchpad (hold BGB to get exclusive access to highly anticipated IEOs), Bitget Launchpool (stake BGB to earn new, promising project tokens for free), Bitget Lottery (hold BGB to win prizes in BGB every day), BGB Earn (generate more BGB from your current holdings and/or secure the opportunity to buy BGB at discounted prices), Bitget VIP Program, GroupCoin (hold BGB to get the chance to purchase staple cryptocurrencies at special prices), Vote-To-List (hold BGB to decide whether the project will be listed on the exchange and get rewards for your participation).

To sum things up, BGB has never failed to impress. See yourself how:

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In Q3, Bitget has undergone the new rebranding initiative that demonstrates our dedication in equipping individuals with innovative products as well as sophisticated tools for an efficient financial future. Both our focus on users and our commitment of providing a safe, smart and productive trading environment remain the same. BitKeep, the leading self-custody crypto wallet, is now rebranded to Bitget Wallet as part of our efforts to revolutionise Web3.

Accompanying this initiative is Bitget’s plan to amp up the regional exchanges, data analytics firms, media organisations and other entities with a US$100 million fund named EmpowerX. Having just celebrated our 5-year anniversary, Bitget already outlines future plans for the expansion of our ecosystem, with EmpowerX being the first step.

Of course, the biggest event of Q3 2023 is Bitget’s 5-year anniversary! A whole bunch of events ranging from trading rewards, extra newcomer bonuses to NFT cards collection had taken place, stirring things up for this supposed-to-be quiet month.

Spot Futures Activities

The fun and rewarding events helped raise the average daily number of outstanding contracts on Bitget Futures by 2.6% to US$3,108,848,234. The daily average Bitcoin OI is also up by 0.6%, which is equivalent to a decline of 2.5% in BTC’s dominance on Bitget Futures Trading. Below are some new listings on Bitget Futures Trading:






BGB Sail: September Edition image 5

The total volume of Bitget Spot Trading in September increased by 29.9% to US$5,608,392,563. The total spot volume in Q3 is seen at US$13,920,473,931, down by 25.7% from Q2’s figure but is still 40% higher than Q1’s.

We have 18 new token listings in September, making the average monthly new listings in Q3 26 pairs. Aside from that, we now support two new fiat pairs of USDT/RUB and USDT/UAH. Check out the top daily gainers of September below:


TIP/USDT: 682%




Of course we can’t not talk about the flagship Bitget One-Click Copy Trade! In September the copy traders’ network growth was stable at 4,000+ new elite traders, 25,000+ new followers, and 2 million profitable trades, which show some slowing down compared to last month. As the month was full of economic and political twists, both traders and their followers generated less profits than August, but followers are not put in disadvantage at all: the degree at which their combined profits changed is half that of traders’ profit share, meaning that if traders don’t success at executing profitable trades, they won’t be able to share as much of the followers’ profits. That is a smart mechanism introduced by Bitget Copy Trade to motivate traders to come up with only the best trading strategies.

To make the process of selecting traders even easier for new users as well as followers, we have launched a new tool for you here: Elite traders comparison. This feature allows for a general comparison of several traders at the same time based on their basic information, trading data and insights activities.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 6

As an aspired elite trader, Bitget One-Click Copy Trade warmly welcomes you with many ways to earn more using your trading skills: Join Bitget as an elite trader for rewards

Earning With Bitget

Designed to meet the specific needs of high-profile Bitget users, Bitget Wealth Management is a good choice for any Bitget VIP, asset manager or individual of high net worth, to grow their portfolio in a steady way. Learn more about Bitget Wealth Management here.

BGB Sail: September Edition image 7

The one investment product with the incredible change in September is Bitget Snowball, whose name comes from the idea that under specific conditions, the return of Bitget Snowball products will experience a snowball effect, that is, getting bigger and bigger.

How is that possible, you may want to know? When you subscribe to a Bitget Snowball product, you’ll be presented with a base APR, a standard maturity of 7 days, 7 observation periods (24 hours each) and their corresponding Knock-in and Knock-out prices. So everyday the system reviews the asset price to see if it remains in the range between that day’s Knock-in and Knock-out prices or breaches any of them. In the first case scenario, your principal is guaranteed and compounded at the base APR as normal, and in the latter one, if the condition is favourable to you, your principal will be compounded at the new APR of (base APR + APR surplus), or else your subscription will be settled immediately. Take this as an example: assuming prices fall into the favourable case everyday, and the APR surplus is equal to the base APR and equal to 3%, your interest payable at maturity will be calculated as principle * (base APR + APR surplus * 6) * 7/365 or principle * 21% * 7/365, which is a very high APR for an investment product. With Bitget Snowball, it’s all about the accumulation of APR surplus. Learn more about it here: Bitget Snowball: Unlock Sustained Yields for Explosive Growth Amid Market Volatility.

Newly introduced in the final days of August, Bitget Snowball is demonstrating its determination to compete for the most-beloved position among our users! It’s still a long way to go until it reaches the popularity of Bitget Shark Fin, but we don’t doubt it at all that Bitget Snowball will soon be at par with Bitget Range Sniper and Bitget Smart Trend. It’s important to note that a new phase of Bitget Snowball will be unlocked every Wednesday! Hop in at any time!

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BGB Sail: September Edition image 8

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