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You are invited to take this Exclusive Rewards (Up to 40% return) From Bitget

You are invited to take this Exclusive Rewards (Up to 40% return) From Bitget

Dear Bitget partners,

Quite frankly, unlike the previous events, this exclusive reward is not for everyone.

However, we believe you will benefit from this VIP offer, which is limited to our close partners who are experienced traders on Bitget, and have great contributions to the Bitget ecosystem only.

We’ve enclosed a special invitation for you to join the BGB Earn to get up to 40% APY!

What is BGB Earn?

BGB (Bitget Token) is the platform token of Bitget. BGB empowers the entire Bitget ecosystem with various applications and benefits, helps customers gain wealth and enjoy better trading services.

BGB Earn is an asset management platform on Bitget to invest and grow your BGB holdings. You can earn BGB every day by subscribing to a variety of products that support early redemption.

Here is the guarantee of our first phase of BGB Earn:


Our first phase of BGB Earn was very successful, as the 14-day product was sold out in less than an hour! And we quickly launched the BGB Earn Phase II on May 10.

The special BGB Earn offer for you only

For the public, they can enjoy up to 6% APY in the first BGB Earn. But for the invited partners like you, you can enjoy a return of up to 40% APY unlike the BGB Earn phase I and II we offered to the public before!

The second phase of BGB Earn:You are invited to take this Exclusive Rewards (Up to 40% return) From Bitget image 1

The exclusive BGB Earn offer for you only:You are invited to take this Exclusive Rewards (Up to 40% return) From Bitget image 2

Compared to the BGB Earn phase I and II, you may enjoy a more flexible offer and potentially higher return rate, which is at least 8% APR and up to 40% APR from BGB Earn.

How is the daily interest payment calculated?

Daily Interest Payment = Subion Amount x (Est. APR / 365)

Let's say you subscribe 100,000 BGB to a fixed 720 day product with an estimated APR of 40%. You will receive approximately:

100,000 x ( 40%/365) = 110 BGB

You will receive 110 BGB every day for 720 days starting on the next day of subion.

Bonus offer: How to earn free BGB for staking?

The minimum requirement of the above program is investing at least 100 BGB. If you want to earn free BGB to join the above program completely for free, you may invite your audience or followers to be Bitget users.

The more users you invite, the more BGB you earn, so that you can enjoy a 40% APR in the BGB Earn program completely for free!

If you have successfully invited a new user for Bitget,

You will enjoy a generous commision: as the same time 20% of the commision will be converted into BGB. Assuming the value of the transaction fee of a new user is 100 USDT, Transaction commision is 30% and you get 30 USDT, then a total of 6 USDT will be converted to equivalent amount of BGB which will be able to do staking to earn at most 40% APR.

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with your friends. Your crypto-trading journey with Bitget is much more powerful and attractive than paid ads. You can earn up to 40% APR and free BGB right now.

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