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What is Luffy, the first anime coins?

What is Luffy, the first anime coins?

Luffy was founded in August 2021 with the sole purpose of building an entire ecosystem for investors and fans alike.“ Terry, FOUNDER of Luffy

Play-to-Earn is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain world. As it completely has changed our lifestyle that allows us to turn our habit into income. We can earn money while entertaining.

In order to make it come true, in 2021, more and more leisure related crypto projects have been launched. Luffy is one of them. It is the world's first anime token, founded in August 2021.

In April 2022, Luffy completed a multi-token merger successfully. It is a community-driven token built on the most secure and well-established blockchains Ethereum and BNB Chain, allowing investors to stay decentralized.


How does Luffy work? 

The name of Luffy came from the main character of an iconic animation, “OnePiece”. It shows the mission of "Becoming the leader of anime and meme tokens."

It acts as a bridge between creators like artists, fans and investors so that creators can develop a stable stream of income through providing value for people.

The market of animation and merchandise has reached over billions of dollars and increased at a first growing rate annually, just like Disney, creating a billion dollars business empire based on IP like Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Prince and Princess…  

Meme is an underestimated market which also consists of billions of dollars. It is a communication medium delivering beliefs,messages by just editing well known photos or videos like famous movies ,which can easily raise prospects' emotions. On Instagram, Memes are one of the biggest sources of traffic that connects millions of people around the world instantly.


The ecosystem of Luffy

Yet, most artists are overworked and underpaid  even with years of experience. Their income may be below the minimum wage.

In order to create a fairer ecosystem so that artists can make a decent living with their artwork, Luffy would like to offer alternative ways in which artists who are not satisfied with the pre-existing system of industry pay in the anime industry. For example, help them enter the digital art market like creating a NFT.

Whether it is a NFT marketplace, a crypto game, or decentralized finance (DeFi) tools, Luffy is looking to become the leading anime token.

Here is the ecosystem of Luffy: 

Anime Earn: Enjoy a flexible APY up to 24%

Land of Kai: A crypto game currently in alpha testing.

Anime Earn: A decentralized De-fi platform that allows you to look for different crypto projects.

Anime NFTs: A NFT trading platforms with over 5,555 combination

And much, much more!


The Luffy token

The LUFFY coin was built to be the main utility of this bustling ecosystem. It initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain so that you don’t need to worry about the security and credibility. 

It was also designed to be a deflationary cryptocurrency as large and consistent amounts of the supply are being burned. Almost a third of the total supply was destroyed at launch.

A further 2% of every transaction fee is sent to holders, including the burn wallet. A total of 6% is charged for every transaction, including the portion sent to be burned. The other 4% is split among liquidity and marketing.

Total Token Supply: 10 trillion

The development of Luffy can be divided into three phases. It is now currently at phase 2. The period of phase 3 will be 2022 to 2024. You can keep an eye on it.