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The Battle of Trading Fees: Bitget Comes Out on Top

The Battle of Trading Fees: Bitget Comes Out on Top

In this article, we'll dive deep into the trading fees on Bitget and why we emerge as the top choice for savvy investors.

Welcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading! If you're a crypto enthusiast or a seasoned trader, you are probably aware that one of the key factors that affect your profitability is trading fees. Like any trading exchange, Bitget charges fees for certain trades and services, but our advanced programs put us in a league of our own.

Types of trading fees on Bitget

- Spot trading fees are charged when a user engages in buying and selling cryptocurrencies on Bitget. These fees are expressed as a percentage of the transaction amount and are deducted automatically from the user's account at the time of the trade. The fees vary depending on the types of trades. By paying with BGB, fees can be reduced further (See Bitget BGB Deduction of Spot Exchange Fees).

- Futures fees are charged when an order is placed or when a market entry or exit transaction is effected. The fees vary depending on the types of trades.

- Withdrawal fees are charged when users move cryptocurrency from one wallet address to another. Bitget’s withdrawal fees are automatically adjusted based on the status of the market.

- Users of Bitget will be able to take advantage of Zero Fee Program for On and Off ramp EUR and GBP services, P2P trading, and Spot trading. In the realm of cryptocurrency, only a handful of companies offer a Zero Fee Program, and Bitget stands out as one of them. In comparison to other competitors, Bitget stands bold with user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading, offering users greater convenience, cost savings, and increased security.

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for the updated trading fees for Spot and Futures trading on Bitget.

For more information about trading fees on Bitget, please refer to Fee Structure And Fee Calculations on Bitget.

Bitget and other crypto exchanges

Bitget is not your average crypto exchange. We take pride in being the cream of the crop when it comes to asset services, security, and compliance. Our team works tirelessly to bring you the best possible products and services that you can not find anywhere else. But that is not all. Bitget takes customer protection seriously by obtaining operational licenses in the top regulated jurisdictions like the U.S. and Canada and staying in constant contact with authorities worldwide to ensure that we are always up-to-date on compliance regulations.

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Wealth Management with Bitget

Bitget collects the same fees of 0.02% for regular Makers and 0.06% for regular Takers. Our VIP User Program is designed to reward high-volume traders with exclusive benefits and privileges that boost their revenue:

- Fund Custody Service: Once your total assets on Bitget (including spot, futures, Bitget Earn, fiat currency, and leverage) are greater than or equal to 100,000 USDT, you can apply for the Fund Custody Service at your convenience. Your assets will be stored in a separate wallet, with your own dedicated address to view and withdraw your funds;

- Collecting points (calculated based on equity value and monthly trading volume) to earn free BGB and valuable gifts;

- Exclusive VIP Funding Rate and High-yield Products;

- VIP 1:1 customer service by local experts, available 24/7;

- Exclusive VIP information and events.

There are several ways to take advantage of Bitget's special VIP program. Users can use BGB to enjoy a direct 20% discount on spot fees or earn staking yields like a DeFi participant. Bitget users are, therefore, in an extremely advantageous position in wealth management: Bitget offers one of the most reasonable options for trading, fee, and knowledge-wise.

Let’s look at this simple example: John is from Quebec, Canada. He wants to place a US$5,000 Bitcoin-long order on Bitget as a market maker, using USDT as margin collaterals. His trading plan can be summarised as follows:

Minimum Initial Margin = US$5,000 / 125 = US$40

Trading Fees (for market maker) = US$5,000 * 0.02% = US$100

Final Deposit = US$40 + US$100 = US$140

John will be able to place his long order on Bitget and Binance only!

Following the same approach, John will have the following final deposit for Binance:

Final Deposit For Binance = US$40 + US$100 = US$140

Important here is that futures markets are extremely liquid on Bitget. Our Daily Open Interest has reached US$3.48 billion, and the trading volume is US$10 billion, meaning that any user can easily choose to be a Market Maker for lower fees on Bitget. In less liquid markets, it is difficult for traders to buy at their pre-set price. In other words, they usually have to take the market price and pay the taker fee, which is obviously higher than our 0.02%. What is supposed to be a good deal may turn out more expensive in the end.

Besides, John can register to be an expert on Bitget One-Click Copy Trade and generate a passive income of up to 10% of his followers’ profits, thereby being able to rule out his transaction fees completely.

Bitget: Where Safety and Protection Come First

Regarding cryptocurrency trading, safety, and security should always be top priorities. That is why we at Bitget put our users' safety and protection first. To ensure our users' assets are safeguarded during major setbacks, Bitget has launched the Bitget Protection Fund, which is currently fixed at US$300 million as of November, with 6500 BTC and 200 million USDT stored in seven publicly disclosed wallet addresses for users to monitor the fund in real-time.

And we do not stop there! Bitget has also introduced the Proof of Reserves Page("PoR"), demonstrating that we are a full-reserve exchange using the cryptographically-verified Merkle tree method. PoR ensures that users' assets stored on the platform are protected and that the data presented is authentic and consistent. The page provides users with a wealth of information on the topic, including education on Proof of Reserves, the importance of being fully reserved, and monthly snapshots displaying the reserve pools' balances.

For the latest data about the Proof of Reserves, please check this page.

The Enduring Excellence of Bitget

As a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget is dedicated to continuously seeking opportunities for enhancing earnings for our users and traders. Bitget’s rewards center provides a variety of tasks that enable users to earn rewards, ranging from basic actions such as depositing and trading on the spot and futures market to more advanced services like our Bot Copy Trading. The potential reward can reach 5005 USDT, with additional opportunities for lucky draws among select winners.

Bitget is constantly evolving with the finesse of products and services. That is how we secure 20 million users from more than 100 countries worldwide in less than five years. We have and will continue to define Social Trading via the developments in our on-chain units, One-Click Copy Trade, and the off-chain team, Bitget Global Communities, which offers live support around the clock in 20 languages.

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