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Spot Copy Trading Learn&Earn

Spot Copy Trading Learn&Earn


Bitget has always been a pioneer in social trading. We revolutionized crypto futures trading with our flagship product - One-Click Copy Trade, making it easy and profitable for newcomers to implement sophisticated futures trading strategies in the blink of an eye. As of today, our One-Click Copy Trade product has accumulated over 80,000 traders, 338,000 followers, over 42 million profitable trades, and shared over 20,000,000 USD in profit with our traders.

Now, we have made this transparent, reliable trading product available for spot trading. Introducing Bitget’s Spot Copy Trading, a low-slippage, low-latency, and low-maintenance trading product that takes the burden off your shoulders and rakes in profit with some of our most successful traders.

Come with us as we take you through the basics of our Spot Copy Trading product and open the world of easy, frictionless trading to you.




Spot Copy Trade and Where to Find It

For website, hover your cursor at ‘ Copy Trading’ at the top and click on ‘Spot Copy Trading’.

For iOS Android App, tap on ‘Copy Trading’ at the home page, then tap the ‘Spot’ tab.

Pick Choose

You’ll be greeted with a selected list of traders. Choose one based on their ROI, transaction history, followers, etc. Tap ‘Copy’ once you’ve made your decision.

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Then, you’ll be directed into a details setting page where you can see all the coin pairs this trader is trading and select which ones you wish to follow.

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Remember, you don’t have to follow their orders to a T. You can choose to invest a fixed amount of equity (10 to 3,000 USD) when they buy in, or set a multiplier (0.1 to 20) to buy in assets proportional to their orders.

A portion of your realized profit will be shared with corresponding trader(s). Said portion ranges from 4% to 10% and can be customized by traders. You don’t have to share anything unless you’ve made profit following them but choose wisely who you’re giving your money to.

Curb Your Risks

There’s hardly anything more frustrating than not being able to take your profit in time - failing to stop your loss in time comes to mind.

With our Spot Copy Trade product, you never have to glue eyes to the price chart. Simply set up 2 price points where you plan to stop loss and take profit, and we’ll take care of the rest for you!

You can also set up the maximum investment you’re prepared to make so that you’ll never accidentally spend your vacation fund.

You can always come back and change these parameters anytime so don’t lose sleep over them. Tap ‘Follow’ and confirm everything in the summary page, then you’re good to go!

Backtracking Fine Tuning

You can review your orders and following traders at any time from your own Spot Copy Trade profile page.

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You’ll find all active coin pairs under ‘Current Copy Trades’. Tap ‘TP/SL’ to reset your take profit and stop loss preferences, and tap ‘Sell’ to manually sell all your positions in this coin pair.

You’ll also find all your past orders under ‘History’ and all the traders you’re following under ‘My trader’. Tap ‘Edit’ to change your preferences when following each trader.

All set! The crypto world is your stage now.