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Introduction to Bitget Fixed Savings

Introduction to Bitget Fixed Savings

2023-03-24 | 5m

Bitget broadened its suite of financial services by introducing Fixed Savings products. This allows users to optimize their crypto asset returns with assured terms and elevated yields. Let's delve into this feature's essentials.

Understanding Bitget Fixed Savings

Distinct from Bitget's Flexible Savings, which offers variable terms, the Fixed Savings option promises higher returns over a fixed subscription duration. Explore a range of investment alternatives, all housed within the Savings category.
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What are the benefits of Bitget Fixed Savings?

Low risks: The same number of assets locked will be returned to you, along with yields paid out in the same type of asset.
Higher APRs: It brings you the opportunity to receive higher returns than other savings products.
Multiple investment options: You can choose your idle crypto assets and your preferred fixed period with options of 7, 14, 30, or 60 days.

How does it work?

Once subscribed, your assets will be locked in the savings account for the selected period, and the interest will be calculated from the next day (D+1).
Interest distribution: There are two ways to distribute interest. One is the interest will be distributed daily to your spot accounts. The other method is all interest will be distributed once on the last day of the subscription period.
Redemption: After the investment period is due, your locked assets and yields will be returned to your spot account. Some fixed savings products may support early redemption ( Early redemption for some fixed savings products may lead to a penalty fee).
It's essential to note that subscription terms and rules for redemption might differ based on the asset type and the specific subscription package. It's advised to review these specifics before finalizing any subscription.

A hands-on tutorial

To set up your Bitget Fixed Savings subscription, first, create a new account or log in to your existing one.
Navigate to the ' Savings' tab within the ' Earn' section from the main page. Or you can simply click here to enter Bitget’s Savings page.
Select your preferred asset with the fixed savings option, choose your desired locked period, and click ‘ Subscribe.’
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On the pop-up screen, input your investment amount, approve the terms, and select ' Confirm'.
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You can find all your subscription history under the ‘ Savings Records’ section.
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