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Bitget Referral: Tips to Build Your Crypto Audience From Scratch

Bitget Referral: Tips to Build Your Crypto Audience From Scratch

In this article, we will share the top insights and ​​techniques on how to find and encourage your invitees to use Bitget.

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Tips to get more sign-ups with your Bitget referral link

#1 - Utilize your communities

Difficulty: ★ Cost:★ Effect:★★★

Your communities can bring a high transaction conversion rate!

If you have no experience with social media channels, starting with the community is the best place to start. The telegram group and the discord group can achieve point-to-point new recruiting, and guide the account opening step by step, even though it is a manual job. You can be active in various communities and participate in discussions. Even if you create your own community group, have your own promotion team, and design a reasonable mechanism to motivate team members, you can achieve top performance.

#2 - Participate in Bitget’s official activities

Difficulty:★ Cost:★ Effect:★★★★★

Please pay attention to our main website banner, official community social networks, official website announcements, various new activities, trading competitions, etc…

You just need to send the referral link to other users and add your own referral code in the process of promoting the above activities to users. After users register and participate in activities, they not only win rewards, but they will also get rewards for attracting new users.

#3 - Use Social Media

Difficulty:★ ★ Cost:★★★ Effect:★★★★

If you are a KOL and you have a lot of fans, it will be easier. If you are still an amateur and want to become a KOL, you can try to express your opinions on social platforms frequently, interact with other big KOLs, and pay to promote your account. You can also directly find other KOLs for cooperative promotion, mutual benefit, and win-win.

#4 - Combine with product promotion such as grid trading

Difficulty:★★★ Cost:★★ Effect:★★★★

If you have channels for products such as grid trading, then combining these channels to expand customers is also a way to make referrals. For example, holding an account opening and sending quantitative robots activities can directly convert them to your side.

#5 - SEO/SEM

Difficulty:★ ★ ★ Cost:★★★★ Effect:★★★★

If you know how to do SEO or SEM, this will increase your rebate income by a level. To do SEO, you need to understand a little technology, and SEM needs to invest a certain cost and understand the operation of this technology. The conversion rate of this channel may be relatively low, but the effect can last for a long time.

#6 - Copy trade

Difficulty:★★ Cost:★★★ Effect:★★★★★

If you are a master trader or a copy trader yourself, register to be a Star Trader with Bitget. It works well if you are trading with a high yield.

#7 - Offline activities

Difficulty:★ Cost:★ Effect:★★★

The simplest is to introduce the platform and business face to face, starting with friends and family.

How to refer to Bitget?

To refer on Bitget, please follow these steps:

- Log in to your Bitget account, hover your cursor on the 9-patch icon at top left corner and click on "Referral Program"

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- Copy share your Referral Code or link

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How to track your referral earnings on Bitget?

To track your referral earnings, please follow these steps:

- Go to the "Referral" section of your account

- Consult your dashboard

Bitget Referral: Tips to Build Your Crypto Audience From Scratch image 2

Conditions to be eligible

To participate in this program, there are of course conditions:

- Hold a referral code

- Invite users in order for them to create a trading account on Bitget: make sure they fill in the code, without which the participation in the referral program will not be recognized

- Verify their identities: by sending a proof of identity (selfie + scanned ID) and a proof of address

- Fund their accounts: make a deposit using a bank card, wire transfer, or crypto wallet

- Trade: open their first positions on the Spot market or Futures market

For each new user registered via your referral code/link, you will get a one-time reward once they finish their KYCs, make their first deposit and their trading volume exceeds a certain threshold. You will be rewarded again when their trading volume exceeds another threshold. Please refer to this page for detailed information.

The Bitget referral program is one of the best and most generous referral programs today.

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