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Best performing platform token so far in 2022

Best performing platform token so far in 2022

Are you looking for the best blockchain projects and tokens to invest in, then you are at the right place. In recent months, most crypto assets haven't shown price increase movements during the 2022 mixed market. But not all crypto assets have performed equally. There have been some winners in terms of price gains.

This article provides information on the fundamentals and BGB price movements. Let's get started!


The beginning of the 2022 mixed market

Let’s take a look into the price movements of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the first 90 days of 2022. BTC, ETH as well as most cryptocurrencies did not extend the 2021 bull run.


Best performing platform token so far in 2022 image 0

Best performing platform token so far in 2022 image 1


Source: Coingecko


Is Bitget Token (BGB) a good investment?

There is a distinctive characteristic to every crypto project that makes it stand out and last through the storms. We will share some of the most anticipating information to help you make better decisions about whether BGB is a good investment.


Bitget Token (BGB) Overview


Coin Name

Bitget Token

Coin Symbol


USD Price


24h Volume


Total Supply


(*) Data on March 7, 2022


Bitget Token (BGB) Price Trend

At the time of writing this article, BGB traded at $0.20 with a 24-hour USD volume of $80,588,042. In the last 90 days, the price of BGB has increased by 111% as it surged from $0.0958 to $0.2022. This makes Bitget Token the best performing platform token of all cryptocurrency exchanges, outperforming Binance’s BNB, Huobi’s HT, Okex’s OKB, etc.

Best performing platform token so far in 2022 image 2

Source: Coingecko

Best performing platform token so far in 2022 image 3

This is a comparison chart between BGB and other platform currencies showing that the value of BGB is undervalued by comparing the trading volume of the exchange, the trading volume of the platform currency, the market value, and the price.

NVT (Network Value to Transaction) ratio or PE (Price Earning) ratio in cryptocurrency is used to evaluate an asset's value by transaction volume.

If the NVT value is too high, it could mean this blockchain network is overvalued compared to the low ability to transact coins in terms of volume. As we look at the NVT for BGB - a low NVT implies that it is currently being valued cheaply for every unit of the BGB’s transaction volume. It could mean there is a high potential in the BGB value growth.

Empowering the entire Bitget’s ecosystem

The outstanding performance of the platform currency reflects the remarkable development momentum of Bitget. Read on for more highlights!

Bitget currently has more than 2 million registered users worldwide and has reached a 24-hour trading volume of $5.6 billion.

In January 2022, Bitget reaches rank no.3 globally on the daily average futures trading volume with its featured product Coin-Margin futures reaching an all-time high trading volume of $7.82 billion - an affirmation of the momentum that Bitget has been on.

Best performing platform token so far in 2022 image 4

Since 2021, Bitget has been actively deploying in the global market, investing and sponsoring several well-known companies.

Bitget announced its sponsorships and partnerships with the global leading sports organizations such as PGL - the leading esports events company, Juventus - the Italian soccer giants in 2021; and currently in 2022 with Team Spirit - the leading Russian eSports organization, and Galatasaray - Turkey's leading and long-standing football club.

In terms of transaction stability, Bitget integrated WOO Network’s liquidity solution on its spot markets to optimize users’ trading experience in February 2021. Deep liquidity is essential for accommodating higher trading volume and more price-sensitive traders, allowing Bitget to offer precise trading execution.

What are the benefits of holding Bitget Token (BGB)?

BGB is Bitget’s native asset with a wide range of applications and benefits empowering the entire Bitget ecosystem. Let's check out the ever-growing list of ways you can use BGB.

  • Fee deduction

BGB offers the platform's users transaction fees discount on the Bitget exchange.

  • Futures transaction fees discount: Use BGB as the margin to enjoy a 15% discount on futures contract transaction fees. (coming soon)

  • Spot transaction fees discount: Use BGB to pay for spot transaction fees and enjoy a 20% discount (see more details here).


  • Contract margin

You can use BGB as a contract margin for contract trading.


  • Stake to earn

Pledge BGB to gain value-added income


  • Trade to earn

Trading BGB can get tiered rewards based on the transaction amount.


  • Multiply wealth management income

Users who hold BGB positions can buy Bitget wealth management products to get multipliers.


  • Launchpad

Use BGB to subscribe to the Launchpad quota and access the exclusive early-stage high-quality investment.


  • Launchpool

BGB is used as a fixed pledge pool for Launchpool, and you can get new currency rewards for pledging BGB.


  • Vote for listing

Use BGB to vote to decide whether the project will go live and get rewards.


  • Discount

Users who hold BGB positions can get a minimum 50% discount on popular high-quality currencies.


  • 1U snapped

BGB holders can participate in the 1U limited-time snap-up activity.


  • Super airdrop plan

BGB holding users can get the exclusive token airdrop from time to time.


  • Open blind box

Hold BGB to participate in the blind box opening event and win mysterious gifts.


  • BGB lottery

Users with BGB positions can draw a lottery by consuming a small amount of BGB.


Considering investing? Buy BGB now on Bitget!